I am so grateful for my health, my family, my wife, my cats, my home, my city, the weather, new worksheets, feeling inspired, feeling healthy and fit, running, having a gym schedule, directing my thoughts, coconut oil, coffee, kale smoothies, my phone, my working computer, conversations after class, muses, new friends, funny pictures, Kelly acting like psycho, having fun, vodka in the freezer, blue cheese, food in the pantry, always having plenty, my awesome friends, nights alone with my wife, feeling playful, new hoop tricks, AC, new air filter, my awesome mic, positive feedback on my meditations and zine contributions, Pandora, money for cat food and flea medicine, paychecks, income, checks in the mail, savings accounts, bills and rent are always paid, fresh cat litter, back to school, questions, how easily I've been letting it come to me, living the magick life, learning formulas, I'm feeling better and better.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life? To do my work effortlessly in the flow? To let it come to me? To relax and allow and let it unfold? To be here now? To be at peace with what is? To stop giving a fuck about new gym clothes, new computers, new phones, cat shots, credit card bills? To mind my own business? To do simran all day? To feel better and better as the day goes on? To work on my own bloody work? To relax and be nice to myself? To appreciate how far I've come?

I'm switching to the version of reality I prefer. In the reality I prefer, life is working out for me. I am at peace with what is. I am appreciating how far I've come. I love and accept myself exactly the way I am. I am at peace with how things are. All of my ducks are in a row. I am doing my best work. I am satisfied with where I am. I am at ease. I am in the flow. I am focused on bliss. I am letting life be easy. I feel excited, invigorated, and enthusiastic about my life. I am letting life be fun and easy. I am focused on adventure and having fun. I am letting life take care of me. I am letting life live me. I am allowing well being to flow. I am trusting the process of life. I am in the flow. I am letting it be fun. I feel confident and excited about life. I feel the flow. I am listening to life. I am here now. I am bringing myself back. I am back, here now. I am in the present moment, now. Here I am, here I am, I am I am I am I am This is what I am This moment is it I am I am I am I am.

I have singular focus. I am counting. I am in the flow. I am at peace with what is. I am focused on what I want and what I want more of. I am on one! I am letting life flow through me. I am listening. I am allowing it to come. I am open to receiving. I am so enthralled with this moment that I've forgotten all of my other desires. I am so wrapped up in the here and now, so excited to be me, be here, be one with life right now. I am awake in the dream. I am so happy with what I have. I am on an adventure. I am letting life be easy. I am going with the flow. My thoughts are focused I have singular focus I am focused, I choose where I place my attention. I choose what I place my attention on. I choose what I pay attention to. I direct my attention. I am in control of my attention. I am.

I love it when I take care of myself. When I feel good. When I feel inspired. When I am connected, when I'm in the flow, when life gives me synchronicity and I focus on it and get more of it, when life takes care of me, when Kelly and I have fun together, when I disable plugins, when life gets simpler, when I focus my attention. I LOVE IT WHEN I CHOOSE WHERE TO PLACE MY ATTENTION I LOVE IT WHEN I AM IN CONTROL OF MY ATTENTION> I LOVE IT WHEN I FOCUS MY ATTENTION ON WHAT I WANT AND WHAT I WANT MORE OF. I love it when I create, when I feel inspired, when I make more, when I am prolific, when I can't stop won't stop, when I'd rather create than get fucked up, when I feel the flow of life and inspiration, when I absolutely must create, when I appreciate my own rituals, when I see myself as the brilliant beautiful artist I am, when I get what I want, when I choose how I want to feel and then feel it and so I be it so I see it!

What do you want?
For my work to do itself. To hoop a lot. To have fun and play and laugh. To be very deliberate and intentional about where I place my attention, AT ALL TIMES. To become more and more conscious, to go deeper and deeper into this moment, to awaken more and more into the dream, to WAKE UP RIGHT NOW TO BE HERE RIGHT NOW TO REMEMBER I'M DREAMING RIGHT NOW. To let it be easy. To trust the flow. To remember to say thank you for all my gifts. To appreciate where I am. To say yes. To have singular focus. To count. To trust that I can stop thinking and I don't have to get involved. To GET WHAT I WANT.

I intend to control my attention. I intend to awaken more and more. I intend to be conscious. I intend to be here now, so be it.

Dear Jessica,
Remember this is it! This is the life you came for! Life already is the way you want it to be. Relax and enjoy!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.