Daily Meditation – Your True Work

Daily Meditation – Your True Work

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Congratulations! You've made it to this moment. You're awakening more and more every day. You're more and more conscious than ever before.

Breathe in and smile!
Breathe out and say thank you.

It's getting easier and easier to ride the waves. To appreciate the contrast. To enjoy the contrast. It's getting easier to play the game.

Breathe in and lift yourself up!
Breathe out and relax.

Relax your body. Listen to flow of life inside of you.

In every moment, you have the power to switch to the reality you prefer. To switch to the reality you prefer, you need only one thing: singular focus.

Breathe in and have singular focus.
Breathe out and have singular focus.

Place your attention on one thing. When faced with a situation, choose the signal you want to project. Choose to see it the way you want to see it. Do you have plans tomorrow? Choose singular focus. "I'm excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to be fun." Project a singular beam of energy. There's no need to waffle back and forth between possibilities: "What if it's bad? What if it sucks? What if I don't want to be there? What if this happens?" Project a singular focus. Project your attention on that which you want to see more of.

Breathe in and know it's easier than you could ever think.
Breathe out and bring your attention to the now.

Singular focus means keeping your attention on the source within you. Singular focus means allowing well being to flow. Singular focus means choosing to feel the way you want to feel regardless of your circumstance. Singular focus is deciding life already is the way you want it to be.

Breathe in and allow well being to flow.
Breathe out and turn your fear into excitement.

In each moment, you get to choose where to place your attention. THAT is the work! Where is your attention? Can you gather all your attention to a single point? Your preferred outcome, your connection to source, your breath, silent counting, the feeling of love, the feeling of joy, the feeling of excitement, the feeling of freedom, a mantra, "I love myself, I love myself." In each moment you have a limited amount of attention. You get to choose where it goes. And what you focus on expands!

Breathe in and feel excited about your power!
Breathe out and gather your attention.

Allow yourself to play with life today. Allow yourself to step into this new power.

Breathe in and lighten up!
Breathe out and know that today is going to be the most fun that you've ever had in your whole life!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.