I Relinquish Control

I Relinquish Control


Grateful that it's hard to lose consciousness now.
Grateful for my worksheets they are so bloody cool.
Grateful for people who help me! And talk to me! And tell me things! And comfort me! And hug me!
Grateful for people who say YES to doing shots.
Grateful for long conversations about aliens, ghosts and journeys to the center of the earth.
Grateful to feel creative and like I have to create or I will explode.
Grateful for Linty sniffing me. She is cute.
Grateful to finally feel creative and inspired. There is nothing else left to feel.
Grateful Linty is sitting in my lap! I LOVE CATS and I really love lap cats!
Grateful I am healthy and my wife is healthy and my cats are healthy and my friends are healthy and my family is healthy.
Grateful I am a magician and a witch and a designer.
Grateful I am conscious. Grateful I can be conscious and drink vodka.
Grateful for kitties I love kitties kitties for president kitties forever!
Grateful I have come so far.
Grateful I am hotter now than I was in 2011.
Grateful for my natural hair color.
Grateful for my wife who doesn't gaf.
Grateful for my scanner it works so well.
Grateful for the printer and my wacom and my iphone.
Grateful for friends who come over. I love it when friends come to me.
Grateful for art from friends. Grateful to see my friends express themselves.
Grateful for remixes. Grateful Kelly finds music for us. Grateful for good music.
Grateful to feel closer and closer to making more music of my own.
Grateful I can just let things be and let things flow!
Grateful I can choose to be in control of my vibration and it's really not that hard.
Grateful for the Internet I LOVE THE INTERNET.
Grateful for grad school I really did learn a lot.
Grateful to be who I am today. Grateful to be willing to make mistakes and take risks and fail.
Grateful to try new things and go out of my comfort zone.

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep well? And have good dreams? And for the morning to be quiet and peaceful?
Wouldn't it be nice to have a great time tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to be fun?
Wouldn't it be nice to let things come to me and let go and surrender and let things be?
Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspired to action?
Wouldn't it be nice to spend more time saying thank you? And you're welcome? And I love you?
Wouldn't it be nice to have some new healthy meals to make?
Wouldn't it be nice to just not give a fuck?
Wouldn't it be nice to hear from my parents?
Wouldn't it be nice to let things work themselves out?
Wouldn't it be nice to appreciate my health and fitness? I have come so far!
Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to write a KILLER ARTICLE?
Wouldn't it be nice to compliment myself?
Wouldn't it be nice to receive attention?
Wouldn't it be nice to get BETTER AND BETTER?
Wouldn't it be nice to let go of striving?
Wouldn't it be nice to flower and blossom?
Wouldn't it be nice to have fun and not care?
Wouldn't it be nice to say THANK YOU?
Wouldn't it be nice to get a massage tonight?
Wouldn't it be nice to get that pro massage?
Wouldn't it be nice to do nice things for my cats?
Wouldn't it be nice to hug and hug and hug?
Wouldn't it be nice to show my appreciation?

I'M SWITCHING to the reality I prefer. In the reality I prefer, I am at peace with what is.
I am letting things come to me.
I am light.
I am playful and fun.
I am masterful.
I am in control of my vibration.
I am delighted with life!
I am allowing life to flow.
I am excited to be alive!
I am letting life be easy.
I am letting life live me.
I am letting life unfold.
I am allowing well being to flow.
I am allowing myself to have fun.
I am in the right place at the right time.
I accept myself the way I am.
I am already perfect.
I don't need to change a thing.
I embrace change.
I embrace the flow.
I embrace contrast.
I let things work out.
I let it be easy.
I trust the process.
I relinquish control.

I love it when I feel good.
I love it when I write even when I don't want to and then suddenly I want to.
I love hugging.
I love getting attention.
I love getting compliments.
I love getting special treatment.
I love receiving.
I love giving.
I love having things to give in the flow.
I love sharing.
I love sharing what I receive.
I love it when other people share with me.
I love it when life is fun.
I love it when life feels easy because I've been doing hard things.
I love it when I have a broader perspective.
I love it when people are into me.
I love it when I'm into myself.
I love it when I COUNT!

What do you want?
To wake up feeling good.
To have good dreams.
To sleep well.
For Kelly to have a good birthday.
To allow magick to flow.
To feel better and better.
To become more powerful and stronger.
To have good luck.
To have nice surprises.
To trust the process of life.
To count!

Dear Jessica,
Congratulations on coming this far! You are a miracle! Every day you transform into a more beautiful butterfly!

Breathe in and let it be fun!
Breathe out and thank yourself!

Breathe in and be light!
Breathe out and smile!

Breathe in and say I LOVE LIFE!
Breathe out and say I LOVE MYSELF!

Breathe in and trust the process of life.
Breathe out and know there is a time for everything.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.