Tuesday Tips: 6 Lessons from Group Fitness Classes


Tuesday Tips: 6 Lessons from Group Fitness Classes


This weekend I'm auditioning to teach Body Combat, a martial-arts-inspired group exercise class. If I pass the audition, I go onto a weekend training. Then I submit a video of myself teaching, and if I pass THAT, then I can start team teaching and subbing classes and eventually the goal is to have my own regular class at the gym. This audition is all I can think about, so that's what the tips are inspired by this week.


1. Even if you might fail, TRY IT!
Kelly and I were greeted by the gym maintenance man as we pulled up on our bikes last Friday. He asked if we were going to class, and said he thought we were instructors. "Not yet!" I said. With enthusiasm he said, "If you don't try, you'll always wonder what would have happened." When I told my first-ever group fitness instructor about my plans to audition, she said, "This will be the best decision of your life!" I mean, right?!

2. Do things for fun.
When I started taking Body Combat at the YMCA, I would just laugh and smile through the whole thing. I could not BELIEVE I was shuffling around a mirrored room punching the air. I felt silly and self conscious, but euphoric and eager to learn. The class is just my jam! It's often the most fun thing I do all week. The people, the energy, the music, the routines--I am hopelessly hooked! Every time I start to stress about my audition, I just remind myself I'm doing it for fun. I'm doing it because I have this unstoppable love for kickboxing set to pop music that brings tears to my eyes. Kelly and I always say to each other, "Les Mills saved my life again." (Les Mills is the company that produces Body Combat.) The group fitness classes we take are what we credit with keeping us healthy, diurnal, and off of drugs.

3. Tell people your dreams. They believe in you and want to help you!
My fitness instructors at the gym are my heroes. These people have wonderful attitudes, inspiring confidence and endless charisma. They are the people helping me become the best version of myself I can be, physically, mentally and spiritually. Magen, Boni and Dee Dee, THANK YOU for your encouragement and support!


4. Believe in yourself.
I could focus on all the things I'm afraid of, or I can emphasize how EXCITED I am, and all the great changes that are happening in my life. I'm getting stronger. I can do legit pushups and Kelly complimented my side kicks. I've been taking Body Combat for about three years, and it's influenced my life in so many ways. I used to not be able to hang our bicycles up, but it was only because I didn't think I could. One day I said to myself, "If I'm going to become a fitness instructor, I have to be able to hang my own bike from a hook on the ceiling." Then one day I tried it, and I could. And now it's easy. I can do it!


5. Don't be attached to a specific outcome.
If I don't pass this audition, I'll just have to ask how I can improve and try again another time. I have to be ok with failing. I have to be ok with people judging me if I fail. I have to trust the flow of life. I have to remember that everything happens in perfect time. "When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random."


6. Be brave.
I am scared to post this! I am so scared to fail! But I have to remember fear is just excitement with the brakes on. While I am pursuing this unexpected passion of mine, I want to share as much of the experience as I can. Blogging is a fine line of divulging personal experiences and sharing life lessons, but nothing helps me make sense of life better. I want to remember my grad school passion of BE TRANSPARENT! WHO NEEDS PRIVACY?! LIFESTREAM EVERYTHING!

Wish me luck! Thanks for the encouragement and support!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jesslyn Littlepage

    Good luck, Jessica! I know you will do great. This post is such a good reminder to out yourself out there and do what you love. This morning is my first tour of our Sustainable Is Attainable exhibit and I’m nervous too. But I know I will do awesome. My goal is to radiate love throughout the tour because no one will care if I mess up if I am passionate enough. I know you have that same passion; it is clear in this post how much this excites and ignites you. Radiate that passion!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much Jesslyn! You are so right! Thank you for the tip, my intention for this audition is to RADIATE PASSION!

    You are the best! <3

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