Tuesday Tips: 6 Confidence Creators

Art by Bridgette Wolleat

Tuesday Tips: 6 Confidence Creators

Art by Bridgette Wolleat
Art by Bridgette Wolleat

You are more amazing than you know. You are god in human form! You have the power to do or be or have ANYTHING. Sometimes our thoughts get in the way of these truths. This week, practice believing in your divinity, and let the miracles unfold.


1. Look great in photos!
As lifestreamers, we want to look great on camera. Check out these posing tips from petapixel.com. My favorite: "Create separation between your limbs from your body," which avoids that smushed-arm-fat look.


2. Say your mantras with enthusiasm!
Sing your truths, because they're true! The more joy you can muster up while repeating your mental programs, the more effective they will be.


3. Believe in yourself!
Kelly mentioned to me that the more she believes in herself, the more fun she has and the more she wants to be out in the world doing things. I adopted the mantra, "I believe in myself," and felt my life instantly transform! I now see how so many of my self-destructive behaviors (e.g., overeating, drinking to excess) come from not believing in myself. Countering the thought of, "I might as well eat this ice cream, because I don't believe I can reach my goals anyway," with "I believe in myself!" gives me a burst of energy and self-control I didn't even know I had!

4. Let yourself feel safe.
This Problogger article on Top Tips to Let Go of Fear suggests that "feeling safe" is the key to success. When you send a signal of fear, others can sense it. Who wants to buy something from someone who is afraid they can't sell it?

5. Be happy to pay.
When you're happy to pay for things, people will be happy to pay you.


6. Be present by keeping your attention off of words.
David Cain at Raptitude has been experimenting with being present by putting words aside and observing everything else. When you're out in the world and hear yourself thinking, say to yourself, "No words," and keep your attention on the current moment. Without the constant chatter in your head, life turns into a playground and gets a lot more interesting.

Jessica Mullen
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