So Grateful

So Grateful

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Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful for my kitties! Grateful for hot showers. Grateful for hot coffee. Grateful for my wife. Grateful to feel strong in my body. Grateful for Paypal. Grateful for google. Grateful for my calendar of fun events. Grateful to be here now. Grateful to be getting better at coloring. Grateful for my family. Grateful for so much time in the morning to create. Grateful for the ebb and flow. Grateful I can let my thoughts go. Grateful for meditation. Grateful for vivid dreams. Grateful for prismacolors. Grateful to feel healthy and strong. Grateful to be sober. Grateful for healthy food in the fridge. Grateful to have plenty. Grateful for my home. Grateful to have new ways to stretch my feet. Grateful to feel fit. Grateful to feel good in my body. Grateful life is working out for me.

Grateful I get to choose how I feel. Grateful to be in control of my vibration. Grateful for my bicycle. Grateful for my boyfriend Motorcycle. Grateful for beautiful TX weather. Grateful we get to bike downtown. Grateful to have a gym membership. Grateful to find new mantras every day. Grateful to feel energized and refreshed. Grateful to feel the best I've ever felt! Grateful to feel loved! Grateful to be doing the work. Grateful for fun games. Grateful to be fun. Grateful to be so pretty. Grateful for my perfect health. Grateful for all my wonderful friends. Grateful to feel inspired. Grateful to feel hyphy healthy happy!

Grateful life is so fun. Grateful to feel confident and strong. Grateful to believe in myself. Grateful for egg bagels. Grateful to feel good about myself. Grateful to have plenty of money. Grateful to be well rested. Grateful to get compliments everywhere I go. Grateful to be naturally beautiful. Grateful to be creative. Grateful to feel inspired. Grateful to feel motivated and driven. Grateful to know exactly what to do next.

Grateful all my favorite friends in the world are visiting. Grateful money comes easily to me. Grateful to get checks in the mail. Grateful to get paid so much for such easy work. Grateful to be selling our work. Grateful to be a successful artist. Grateful to be in an upswing! Grateful being sober is easy. Grateful being sober is fun! Grateful to feel focused and excited about life. Grateful to be making my best work. Grateful for new prismacolors. Grateful for new socks. Grateful it's so easy to buy stamps. Grateful I've made such beautiful thank you cards. Grateful to take the time to draw. Grateful to be given time to draw.

Grateful to be in touch with all my siblings. Grateful to feel loved. Grateful to be successful at all my endeavors. Grateful I know it's all working out for everyone. Grateful I've been eating so well. Grateful to be losing weight effortlessly. Grateful to learn how to bless my food. Grateful I get to do whatever I want all day every day. Grateful to be SO FREE. Grateful writing is putting me in a better mood. Grateful I get to decide how to feel. Grateful to feel so good!

Grateful to be getting so much better at hooping. Grateful to have inbox income. Grateful it's flowing! Grateful life is taking care of me. Grateful to receive random presents on my doorstep! Grateful for money to buy a new food processor. Grateful life is always giving me gifts. Grateful to be open to receiving. Grateful it always works out for me. Grateful I always get everything I want.

Grateful that situation worked out. Grateful I didn't have to get involved. Grateful to be letting go of resistance. Grateful meditation is so fun and easy. Grateful Kelly takes care of me and gives me massages all day every day. Grateful to feel present. Grateful for good tarot readings. Grateful to feel confident and secure. Grateful to be projecting a signal of love and kindness. Grateful to be learning how to give love. Grateful for solutions from the universe. Grateful for unexpected pleasant surprises. Grateful to be losing more weight every day. Grateful to be getting stronger every day.

Grateful to be getting new tattoos! Grateful to love my body! Grateful to be at peace with what is. Grateful to be so happy with what I have. Grateful to have so many new project ideas. Grateful to feel supported by my friends and family. Grateful for new patrons. Grateful for people who want to give. Grateful for Tina Turner. Grateful to feel connected to my source. Grateful to feel divine.

Grateful Kelly is so nice to me. Grateful I am so nice to myself. Grateful to be learning how to be present more every day. Grateful to be plugged into the flow. Grateful to be getting such great feedback on my meditations. Grateful to be selling so many worksheets and books. Grateful word is spreading. Grateful to be invited to events. Grateful to get rides from friends. Grateful people love me so much. Grateful people want to be around me. Grateful to be into myself.

Grateful to be focused. Grateful to feel inspired. Grateful to know what to do next. Grateful to be operating from a divine perspective. Grateful the flow is getting easier and easier to swim with. Grateful I feel so good in my bikini. Grateful to live in such a beautiful paradise. Grateful to be on vacation mode. Grateful to feel calm and tranquil. Grateful everyone in my life is so generous.

Grateful to feel good. Grateful to be in a great mood! Grateful to take care of my vibration. Grateful I'm taking such good care of myself. Grateful to be working out my mind and body. Grateful to feel loved by life. Grateful life is living me. Grateful to be thriving! Grateful to have finished my portfolio. Grateful all my ducks are in a row. Grateful to be working on the podcast again. Grateful to be focused on what's going well. Grateful the planner is done. Grateful I get to use it in April! Grateful to be putting myself out there. Grateful to feel so successful!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.