Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Love, Yeah, Love!

Love Yeah Love

Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Love, Yeah, Love!

Love Yeah Love

Life loves you and wants you to thrive. This week I have a few techniques for meeting life halfway. Offer yourself the tiniest bit of love, and life will match you many times over.


1. Literally program your reality.
Jon Ray reminded me that this is what lifestreaming is all about. What you're putting out into the world is what you're getting back. You can use the Internet to focus your reality programming practice (this is what my grad school thesis was about, "Lifestreaming as a Life Design Methodology"). Some simple ways to program your reality are: blog about what you're grateful for, what you love, or what you want. Go deeper into life design with the School of Life Design lessons, especially Lesson 2: Designing the Digital You.


2. Change your mirror-talk.
I've been known to get caught up obsessing over my weight. Lately, Kelly has been receiving tons of weightloss compliments. Her secret? She says nice things to herself whenever she looks in a mirror. "Looking good!" or "My hair looks great. My skin is looking fabulous!" Start telling yourself the things you want to hear and you'll start to see them. "I'm losing weight! I look great! I am STUNNING!"


3. Feel loved.
You are so loved. Life adores you. The universe is head over heels in love with you. When you walk past a mirror, think, "I love you so much," or "I am so loved," or "I love and accept you exactly the way you are."


4. Try this mantra: "Breathe in and be fully conscious. Breathe out and be fully conscious."
When you're fully conscious, you're curious about your reality instead of reacting to it. You're interested in what's currently happening, rather than labeling it with "like" or "dislike". If something is annoying you, try this mantra. See if you can step outside of your mind's resistance to just observing the situation. Look for the lesson--see what gift life is trying to give you that you are resisting.

5. Try this mantra: "Love Yeah Love."
Sometimes it takes a powerful hallucinogen to give me a swift kick in the pants, reminding me what I know. The other night I went on a psychedelic adventure with Kelly. I remembered the advice from a friend, "Whenever you get scared, just meditate on love." Kelly had also just told me about Joseph Campbell's "Yea" philosophy, where you say "yeah" to everything, good or bad. If you say "no" to anything, you are resisting life itself. As I came up, I thought, "Either you're part of the wave, or you're getting knocked down."

At one point I started feeling scared, so I began saying, "Love Yeah Love" to myself, over and over. I replaced all thoughts with this one. Every single thing that happened, I said, "Love Yeah Love." Kelly screaming at the top of her lungs? Love Yeah Love. Notice some weird dirt situation in the bathroom? Love Yeah Love. Feel sad about the mortality of my pet? Love Yeah Love. Feel sympathetic pain for someone else's injury? Love Yeah Love.

It's all love, good or bad. Your friend's injured leg? It's not bad, it just wants to be. It needs love too. The grime in the tub? It's not bad, it just wants to be. It needs love too. Practice unconditionally loving and saying yes to your entire reality. It all just wants to be. You don't need to change anything, or judge anything, or resist anything. It's all you. It's all love. It's all the wave of life. Love Yeah Love it all.

One great way I found to practice this concept is while doing dishes. I was washing a glass, spacing out and thinking about something else. I pulled myself back with "Love Yeah Love" and placed my attention on the glass. I felt love for the glass. I felt appreciation for the way I obtained the glass. I actually changed the way I was washing it--from quick, jerky, nearly painful-to-my-hands movements, to gentle, deliberate, smooth strokes. Love Yeah Love whatever you're doing, and it will love yeah love you back.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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