A List of Things That Would Be Fun

A List of Things That Would Be Fun

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Things that would be fun:
cutting myself
eating and barfing
taking drugs

walking around paris
smoking in a cafe in amsterdam
swimming in a lake on a sunny day

getting into my work
being in the flow
remembering how to play AJ
hooping outside with an led hoop

getting a tattoo
getting a piercing
playing with puppies
playing mario games

getting a massage
throwing gallons upon gallons of paint around
throwing televisions off balconies
jumping off a cliff into a river

balance beam in antigravity chamber
aerial yoga class
partner yoga

telling secrets
hearing secrets
having a seance
going to a cemetery

lighting someone else's cigarette
taking the bus around a new city
being taken under someone's wing

drunk sledding
drunk rolling down hills
drunk platonic speed dating
drunk taking addy

destroying things
throwing things out
attempting to unicycle

drinking around a campfire
tripping and feeling relieved outside with good/new friends
yelling really loudly
throwing shit off a cliff

throwing food in the air for the gulls to catch on the beach
punching someone in the face
shooting a gun

being told what to do
astral travel
biking around with a cat in my basket
getting drunk w my family

going to joy's place to watch movies and eat and play games
legit virtual reality
opening my email to find a shit load of money
opening my mail box to find a shit load of money

winning the lottery
winning a new bike for kel
shopping spree at bike shop
tandem bike (maybe)

making extremely messy, full body art
using my blood for paint
someone else doing my hair
laughing at jokes

slip n slide (sober)
race car driving

packing for europe
planning a trip to europe w my sis
visiting kerri in chicago
visiting michael in boston

hanging out with my cousins in lake villa
taking the el
throwing things
flooding my apartment from the bathtub until the whole place fills up and we can swim inside

breathing underwater
finding out i'm dreaming right now
lighting things on fire

food fight in grocery store
playing with other people
playing with other people in a spontaneous manner
meeting someone really funny

riding in someone's van to dallas
riding in a train across the country
wandering nyc
weirdo party in long beach

hugging my grandma and grandpa
hearing family secrets
starting a rumor
hearing a rumor about myself

kerri calling me
michael calling me
joy calling me
my parents calling me

feeling loved
feeling special
feeling cool
feeling in control of my shit

feeling superior
feeling powerful
feeling carefree
feeling generous

watching a new nicki docu
hanging out with tolle
or abraham
or bashar

getting picked up to go to top golf
swingers party
feeling confident in my current skin

going to the pyramids
riding a camel
riding a horse in the mountains
white water rafting

giant slides
releasing 1000 balloons
swimming with dolphins

climbing trees with a safety harness
alamo drafthouse
high school dance (while in high school)
feeling happy

feeling flirtatious
feeling fun
feeling dangerous
feeling wild

going wild
not giving a fuck

Jessica Mullen
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