40 Day Prosperity Plan: Day 16

40 Day Prosperity Plan: Day 16


40 Day Prosperity Plan Day 16: My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

We got up early and dove straight into our new meditation product launch instead of our normal routine of writing and meditating. Around 4pm we finally hopped in the shower and got ready to leave for a bike ride up north. It was so beautiful out we couldn't stay in the house one more minute!

We stopped at Gourdough's for a free PayPal donut. The Mother Clucker was going to take 7-10 minutes to cook, so we set our meditation timer for 5 minutes.

It was probably the best meditation I've ever experienced. I felt so cared for, so blissed out on weather and free food and bike rides.

I've been returning to "feeling my inner body" as often as I remember, which is probably about once every two hours. Just the act of attempting to feel my inner body is enough to take my attention off of my thoughts and place it onto the Now.

Isn't it weird you can't itch two itches at once?

Today has been THE most prosperous day I've had in a long time. I would like to tell you about it now!

We received a big donation from a lovely lady. We sold meditations, both physical and digital. We got a payout from a shopping cart affiliate. We got a subscription payment from a total sweetheart. We entertained a client. We got free food with PayPal. Someone contacted us to do WordPress consulting. We paid back a friend we owed money to. We paid our utility bill. We bought $11.45 of vegan groceries. (We had $12 in cash we were willing to spend.)

We made delicious popcorn. We had a kale smoothie for breakfast and brown rice and green beans for lunch. We had 2 quarters to get pop at HEB. We laughed hysterically in the HEB parking lot. We worked for five straight hours on a product launch! We had a client over. We made plans with another client. We gave a copy of the new meditation booklet to our friend.

We effortlessly biked 16 miles in 75º weather. We wore sleeveless shirts and skirts/shorts. We saw tons of Escalades and Hummers and Range Rovers and Land Rovers and G Wagons. Two of my friends, who I ADORE, texted me. I texted with my mom.

We meditated outside. My cat is sitting on my lap. We filled out our own School of Life Design worksheets and loved it. We made a list of 60 things we loved about our day. I hooped.

I scooped the cat litter. Kelly did the laundry. We cooked. We ate out for free. We sat outside enjoying espresso and a turkey sandwich. I posted tons of photos to insta. We made projector art at our friends' place.

This has literally been the best, most abundant day of my life. And I know that it only felt so gloriously abundant because I CHOSE to make it that way. I've been focusing on prosperity for 16 days. I've been taking care of myself the past few days. I've been eating pretty ok and exercising all the time. I've been doing my work! I've felt motivated, inspired, and excited. I've been remembering my dreams.

I have never felt more loved and supported. I have never felt more self-love! I used to feel so needy--wanting drugs, or friends to hit me up, or to feel good about my body. Today I didn't want drugs. Today my friends DID hit me up--but I was already busy. I felt great about my body, because I feel strong and healthy and grateful to be alive.

I am so grateful to feel prosperous. I am so grateful to feel abundant. I am so grateful to be making money 8 ways in one day! I am so grateful to get to get free food! I am so grateful to get to talk to my mom and my friends! I am so grateful for my health! I am so grateful for my kitties! I am so grateful for my wonderful designer wife! I am so grateful to feel good about life!

I am so grateful I know everything is working out. I am so grateful I can feel life taking care of me. I am so grateful to have money for food and for our utility bill. I am so grateful for people who support our work.

I am so grateful for my home. I am so grateful for my city. I am so grateful to be aware of my inner body. I am so grateful to know what I want. I am so grateful to be receiving!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a wonderful meeting tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to feel exhilarated and thrilled and completely blown away with gratitude? (I already do!) Wouldn't it be nice to give back more? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best trip of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and laugh and laugh? Wouldn't it be nice to ride these beautiful waves?

I love it when I feel like writing. I love it when I do the work. I love it when I feel prosperous. I love it when I keep up with my daily practices. I love it when I feel good in my body. I love it when I feel strong and healthy. I love it when life is fun! I love it when I do my work and get to have fun! I love it when I feel excited to wake up!

What do you want?
To feel the best I've ever felt. To ride the waves. To let the flow lead. To enjoy well being. To explore feeling my inner body deeper and deeper every day. To give love. To give.

Dear Jessica,
You are a star. You are magickal. You are receiving everything you've ever wanted. Keep opening up to receive more, and enjoy!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.