Daily Meditation – How to Be Productive

Daily Meditation – How to Be Productive

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Breathe in and raise your vibration
Breathe out and release your resistance

Breathe in and raise your vibration
Breathe out and release your resistance

Go within. Use this day to go within. All of the answers you seek are inside of you. If you're looking for answers, you've been caught up in your mind. When you withdraw from your mind, the answers you've been looking for are right in front of you.

Breathe in and be at peace.
Breathe out and be here now.

You might feel bored. You might not want to do anything. You might feel lazy. You might feel irritated. Any negative emotion is just a sign that you've been thinking a little too much.

Breathe in and observe your thoughts.
Breathe out and relax.

You hold the answers. The answers are already inside of you. If you don't know what to do, just look inside.

Breathe in
Breathe out

Feel for your inner body. Withdraw your attention from your mind and bring it into your body. Inside of you is infinite. Inside of you is the unknown. Inside of you is the limitless creative field.

Breathe in and connect to that infinite nature.
Breathe out and relax. You already have the answer.

If you don't feel like doing anything, that's just a sign that it's time for stillness.

All of the answers come from stillness. All of the excitement comes from stillness. You are the source of that stillness. You can be still and know, right now.

Breathe in and know you're already perfect.
Breathe out and know you don't have to do anything to improve your circumstances.

If you want to improve your circumstances, just connect to that stillness that's inside of you.

Breathe in and trust.
Breathe out and relax.

You've been waiting for this time. You've been waiting for permission to be still. You don't have to wait any longer. You can be still right now. The answers you're looking for will come when you're still.

Breathe in and access the deep tranquility inside of you
Breathe out and know that it's ok to be still.

It's preferable to be still. Consider this your permission slip to stop frantically doing, trying, and to start connecting to the stillness.

Breathe in and know the miracle.
Breathe out and be the miracle.

You're stillness is the answer. Your silence is the answer. You're already free inside. All it takes is just to withdraw from the mind and place your attention inside your body. Inside that infinite stillness, that deep peace.

Breathe in and be still.
Breathe out and let your worries go.

No amount of action can produce the results you want. The most productive thing you can do is to be still and know.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.