Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Tune Your Vibration

art by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Tune Your Vibration

art by Kelly Cree

The thoughts you think and the emotions you feel project a vibration out into the universe. The signal you send is like a station on a radio. Whatever signal you're projecting is what you're going to hear back. Here are a few ways to sing a song of love, confidence and peace.


1. Make your own drums.
Our friend Fedé once made fun of a song because it had a generic drum sample. He said, "It takes 10 minutes to make your own drums! Just make your own!" This applies to a lot of different things creatively. Kelly and I were going to use a typeface we found online, but then Kelly started drawing her own font. It took a little more than 10 minutes to draw her own letters, but the unique effect is worth it. Take the time to make something only you can make.


2. Think of everything as a jar of rice.
You know the Emoto experiments where they write "I love you" on one jar of rice and "I hate you" on the other? Then the "I love you" stays nice and pretty but the jar with "I hate you" gets all nasty? Well, everything in your reality is like that jar of rice. Tell something you hate it and it will reflect that. For example, your pet. If your pet does something you don't like and you send a negative emotion at it, it will reflect that. But if you project "I love you" towards your pet, it will only shine brighter and brighter.

3. Stop thinking about what you're doing and let the flow through you.
Whenever I get stressed about what I'm going to write or say, I remember that I don't have to plan anything and I can actually "channel" infinite intelligence. Thoughts are the only things that can make us feel bad or cause us to doubt our abilities. If you can clear your mind of thought and let your work flow through you, what you create will be better than you ever imagined.


4. Embrace contrast.
When you observe something you don't want, step back and say to yourself, "Oh yeah! This is creating a time when what I do want happens!" Then, sometimes almost instantly, what you want will start happening instead! For example, Kelly left some dirty dishes on the counter. Instead of getting upset, I thought to myself, "This is creating a time when she'll do her dishes!" Within seconds she zipped into the kitchen and took care of the mess. Embrace the contrast, because it really does create what you want!

5. Feel confident about your choices.
Our friend Matt dropped out of college and used to spend a lot of time explaining himself to others when they asked, "What do you do?" Now he's stopped caring about what other people think about his decision, so he doesn't explain himself anymore. He'll just say, "I dropped out of school to start a company," and leave it at that. But in his head he's thinking, "Yeah, this is what I did. I'm happy with my choice. Get over it." If you worry about what people think, just turn the boat by thinking, "This is who I am and what I do. Get over it."


6. Keep returning to your breath.
When something really good happens, like I have a great phone call with my parents, I noticed that I start feeling kind of depressed after. This depression is caused by hanging onto the good manifestation, and feeling worse and worse the further away in time I get from the event. By returning to the present immediately after a good manifestation occurs, I keep myself open to more and more positive experiences. The Now can only be good if you're there for it. If you're still holding onto the past, you'll only feel depressed because that moment is gone. But if you let that moment go, you'll see how good now is. To return to the present, say to yourself, "Breathe in and raise your vibration. Breathe out and release your resistance."

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.