Daily Guide to Life Design #14: I Am Who I Am


Daily Guide to Life Design #14: I Am Who…


I started writing this guide as a way to capture the little positivity techniques that help me enjoy life more each day. Today I came across the idea of "I Am Who I Am" while writing, and it just stuck. It's been the most calming mantra I've ever found.

This is a really good one for "being at peace with what is." Someone snubbed you at the gym? I am who I am. Want to eat a block of cheese for dinner? I am who I am. Have a pain in your body? I am who I am. Feel a prickle of financial stress? I am who I am.

"I am who I am" is a state of total surrender and acceptance of oneself and one's reality. It's a resistance-free and worry-free approach to life. "I am who I am" is a way to unconditionally love yourself, no matter what you want or what you've done. "I am who I am" and that's all. There's no other thing to be.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    yeah! it feels good, saying that. i usually (try to remembe to) tell myself “it is what it is” – “i am what i am” compliments that nicely. completes it, even?

    it is what it is, i am what i am.

  • jessica mullen

    I love it!!!! It is what it is. I am what I am. I love you Katja!

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