Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Feel that Wonderful Feeling of Having No Worries

Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Feel that Wonderful Feeling…

The big picture--just don't worry!

I gave up all my 2014 resolutions in favor of one big one: to give up worrying. These tips are helping me stop worrying about everything from creative block to my period, and I'm not worried about whether they'll help you too ;-)


1. Fill out positive thinking worksheets with your non-dominant hand.
I was filling out a Daily Self Love but it felt kind of stale. So I switched to writing with my left hand, and suddenly the worksheet became fun and interesting again. My answers became simpler, and I could feel the creativity flowing.

2. Take your time.
If you want to enjoy every moment of your life, even the mundane ones, just take your time. Often I've found that the reason I dislike certain activities is because I rush to get them done. How fast can I do these dishes and move onto something I actually like doing? Well, if I take my time doing the dishes and be all mindful about it, I actually enjoy the process. Same goes for any creative work--when I allow myself to take as much time as I fancy to complete a project, I enjoy the process instead of racing to the result.


3. Don't worry!
A few nights ago, I was lying in bed worrying about my cat. Is she constipated? Is she going to die?! As I watched my thoughts pass by, I realized that I am always finding something to worry about. It's always one thing or another. Is it money today? Or my weight? Maybe a health issue? Maybe someone else's health issue! It finally dawned on me that I could just stop worrying, and then I wouldn't always be worrying about something new as soon as the old issue cleared up. The next day I made a resolution to give up worrying in 2014, and within moments I came across this rad tip jar with the following message: "Irie: To be at peace with your current state of being. That wonderful feeling of having no worries." 2014 is my year of Irie!

4. Got your period? Try this mantra: "It's flowing!"
When you're menstruating, you're at your most powerful. You're healthy! You're not pregnant! You're literally in the flow. Take this opportunity to notice all the flowing synchronicities around you.


5. Feel relief because aliens!
When I remember that aliens are real, I stop taking life so seriously. Who cares about the economy, Obamacare, blah blah blah when there are ALIENS?


6. Be thankful in advance, in present tense.
Claudia Yoga has some terrific instructions on manifesting using this technique. One of my most successful manifestation stories is this: Kelly and I were biking around Austin. I said to her, "I wonder why [redacted] doesn't follow me on Twitter?" Kelly said, "Well, change your story!" I realized she was right, and I should try it. "Isn't it awesome that [redacted] followed me on Twitter?!" Within two days, Ms. Redacted followed me on Twitter.

7. Be a channel.
In Power, Freedom and Grace, Deepak Chopra gives the best advice for living a happy life: "Just allow the universe, the infinite, to express itself through you without interfering. Allow the infinite to see itself through you, to think itself through you, to experience itself through you. At the deepest level of your being, you are already powerful and free."

In every moment, in every activity, try to clear your mind of thought. Let yourself be a channel of infinite intelligence. If you're writing, let the words flow without second-guessing them. If you're dancing, do what feels right instead of thinking about what would look right. If you're sweeping, let yourself dance with the broom and let the broom lead. As Chopra puts it, eventually you'll see that you are not writing, writing is happening. You are not dancing, dancing is happening. You are not sweeping, sweeping is happening. And you are letting the universe sweep itself through you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.