Daily Guide to Life Design #13: Just Look

Daily Guide to Life Design #13: Just Look


I crave hallucinogens. What is it about a 12 hour mind fuck that I love so much?

Ingesting a psychedelic substance puts me straight into the Now. I can't think too much, or I'll have a bad trip. All I can do is stare at my surroundings and marvel at the wonder of life.

That magickal state of being brought on by LSD, DMT, mushrooms or salvia (to name a few) is attainable without drugs. Just look!

Just look means to observe your surroundings without thought. Look at the patterns that make up your table. Fall into the depths of your lampshade. Allow yourself to really see the things around you.

Most of the time we are too caught up in thought to appreciate our environment. But if you challenge yourself to just look without thinking about what you're looking at, you can start to feel the consciousness in all things. There may not be pretty tracers following moving objects, but there's a subtler beauty to behold.

To get into the just looking mindset, pair a mantra like "I AM" with your breath. Breathe in and say "I", breathe out and say "AM". When you find yourself caught up in thought, remind yourself to just look. And now you see.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.