Tuesday Tips, NYE Edition: 10 Thought Direction Prompts to Design Your Life in 2014

Happy New Year!

Tuesday Tips, NYE Edition: 10 Thought Direction Prompts to…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! If you haven't pre-paved 2014 yet, here are a few ideas to shape your year the way you want!


1. Pick your power words to direct the year.

2. Find one thing to do every day of 2014.
I intend to record and share everything I eat.

3. Try oil pulling!
I've tried it and I like it! Another one of my resolutions is to swish around some coconut oil in my mouth every day of 2014.

4. Whatever you do, do it for you.
Imagine you are alone on a desert island. You can do whatever you want. What would you do with yourself, with your time? You might care a little less about things like weightloss or grades or Facebook. Every single time I use external motivation to accomplish something (mostly trying to impress girls obv), it bites me in the ass. No one cares about your weightloss. No one cares what your grades are. No one cares how many likes you get. So what do you care about? What would you do to enjoy life if there was no one to impress but yourself? What would do for your eyes only?


5. Ask yourself, "What are you building in the New Year?"
Alexandra Franzen has a badass worksheet to get you pumped about your work in 2014. Here are my answers!

  • In 2014, I am building a bridge to the fifth dimension.
  • This building — my body of work — will include a few very helpful offerings for the world, including a bigger and better School of Life Design store, longer and stronger video meditations, positive thinking worksheets for every occasion, and a new book!
  • In order to build what I want to build, I’ll need to release / remove a few things from my world, including addictions.
  • Because what I really want to be known for is being the leader of the mind-as-personal-computer revolution.
  • When things start to feel overwhelming, I will keep it simple by reminding myself that my job is simply to breathe.
  • And by this time next year, I will be SO proud to have completed ONE big thing, which is a TAROT DECK!
  • And THAT is my plan for 2014.

6. Try this mantra: "I'm having a good dream!"
I got this idea from The Fifth Agreement. From Ruiz's perspective, we're all dreaming. When people are mean or do something you don't like, just say to yourself, "They're just having a bad dream." But say to YOURself, "I'm having a good dream!" And you will be!

7. Fill out a Fresh Start worksheet.
The Fresh Start Magician's Tool is a perfect way to start a new chapter of your life. Place your intentions and let go of the past.


8. List three compliments you want to receive this year that would just make you feel OVER THE MOON.
I wouldn't mind hearing these! "Your hoop dance is outta this world! Your work cured me of my addictions! Holy shit you have lost so much weight!"

9. Literally embrace the moment.
They say if you just make peace with what is, what you want will come and what you don't want will fade away. So let's try hugging our reality! Everything you look at, give it a little telepathic hug. Spread the love and the moment will embrace you right back.


10. Ask yourself what you want to be in 2014.
In 2014, I will be attuned to the rhythm of life.

Have a beautiful new year my friends! Thanks for being part of my life!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.