Daily Guide to Life Design #8: Say Yes

Daily Guide to Life Design #8: Say Yes

party through glass

Observe yourself every time you say "No." Are you resisting gifts from the universe?

We had a friend stay with us this weekend. At first, he was only going to stay Saturday night. Then he asked for Friday too. No problem.

Then he called on Thursday and was already on his way to town. At first we weren't going to let him stay with us because we had so much to prepare for our holiday art bizarre.

But I remembered that I have a few open requests in the universe, and I'm patiently waiting for people to write back with the word, "Yes."

It didn't feel right to say no. And I just couldn't bring myself to turn him away when I was asking people for favors too. I believe in the philosophy of giving what you want to receive, so I gave the "yes" I so much wanted to receive myself.

Our friends' visit ended up being perfect. He helped us get ready for the show. He kept us light and laughing by showing us memes and funny Vines while we hung our art. He swept the living room! He kept us distracted from worrying. He gave us so much fresh perspective on life. And he bought us ice cream and pop!

If you're not open to receiving, the universe can't bring you what you want. All I wanted was for our art show to be fun and well received. Sunday morning after the festivities were over, I asked our friend what he thought. Was it a success? His reply was a simple, "It was fun." And that's exactly what I wanted.

Jessica Mullen
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