Daily Guide to Life Design #6: Ask and It Is Given

Daily Guide to Life Design #6: Ask and It…

Life has a formula, popularized by Abraham-Hicks: Ask, and it is given. In Christianity they call it the power of prayer. All it means is that when you ask for something and trust that you'll get it, life (i.e., god) brings it to you (though the form it arrives in may be different from the way you picture it).

You are here to help life expand. The way life expands is through desire. Life couldn't expand if everyone was always content--there would be no change, or growth, or evolution. So you have desires, and the adventure of life grows. Then you get what you want, and have new desires, and the adventure of life grows.

Life wants you to get what you want, and will give it to you when you allow it. Manifesting your desires is effortless for life. Life just wants you here, so you continue living, so you keep having more desires. Life needs your individual perspective to have desires. Your only job is to be here--desire happens naturally.

Whatever it is you desire, you don't have to get involved. You don't have to try. Remember, your job is not to do. It's to be conscious of life and your preferences. The universe is perfect at creating already. It uses the power of infinite intelligence. Your role is to experience what you've created together. You asked. The universe gave. You experienced. And then your life experience caused you to ask for more. That's the symphony you're writing with life.

If you accept your desires, and trust that life will bring you your desires, they will come. But you have to ask. You can't ask if you're always thinking about what you don't desire, which is why I focus so much energy on positive thinking worksheets. They help me to train my attention to focus on what I want (and what I want more of).

Clear your mind and ask yourself, "What do I want?" (Or try, "How do I want to express myself now?") Then when you hear the answer, trust that life will bring it to you.

When I say, "life will bring it to you," keep in mind that there may be some steps along the way. Once you know what you want, start saying yes to the opportunities you notice. If you're never in circumstances where your desire can be delivered, they'll never come. If you want a job, it might help to apply. If you want a car, you probably have to leave the house.

Whatever you want, it IS yours. Just ask and trust that you'll get it. It might not come the way you envision, and delivery times do vary, but what you receive will be bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.