Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Have a Good Dream Right Now


Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Have a Good Dream…


Welcome to Tuesday Tips, my weekly haul of lessons learned from life's ups and downs. My current life strategy is to live in dreamland (also known as subjective reality). Wouldn't it be nice to end each day feeling like you just had a good dream? Here are some ways to keep your head in the clouds.


1. Grab the new edition of Doing Thinking Feeling Being!
Doing Thinking Feeling Being is a curated book of Tuesday Tips, organized and polished for quick reference. Kelly and I just released the second edition, which has a beautiful new cover and design. You can order a physical copy from Lulu for $15 or download a PDF for $12. (Or! Become a School of Life Design subscriber for $9/month and get access to ALL the SoLD worksheets and eBooks.)

2. Do some digital drugs.
Do you like drugs? Yeah, well me too. But I know I only like drugs because I like feeling good. Lately I've been looking at my worksheets as digital drugs--and these drugs don't have a comedown or negative side effects. Each worksheet boosts your mood and releases good-feeling brain chemicals just like your favorite illicit substance. Spark it up!

3. Curate social media like music.
I was appreciating Kelly's taste in people she follows on Twitter. Finding a good account that is both a real person AND funny is a challenge, but no more challenging than scouring Soundcloud for a new jam. You wouldn't listen to just any garbage, so treat your social media feeds like a playlist. Be a good DJ to your mind and cut the crappy updates out.


4. What would you want them to think you're thinking?
Say you have a crush on someone. You might spend a lot of time thinking about them. But would you want them to know that? To become a match to your crush, think the thoughts you would want them to see you thinking. When I asked Kelly what she would want her crush to see her thinking, she said, "I don't give a fuck." 'Nough said.

5. Think highly of yourself.
If you have a confused vibration about abundance, ask yourself if it's because you think you don't deserve certain things. When thinking about money, relationships, or health, try using "I deserve..." as a mantra. "I deserve perfect health. I deserve $3000. I deserve to be loved." You do!


6. Play life like tennis.
Imagine your life is a tennis game. Each moment is an opportunity for you to hit the ball, or wait for it to be hit back to you. When you've made your volley, walk away and let the ball come back. You can't keep hitting a ball if it hasn't been hit back. The tennis metaphor works particularly well in relationships. Have a great conversation with someone? Now walk away and let them hit the ball back. Just sent a funny text? Put your phone down, turn the ringer off and get distracted with something else. Instead of over-thinking communication, let your every contribution be a "play," created in the spur of the moment. Miss a shot? There's always another ball coming your way. Love all!

7. Thank your body.
Sometimes when we're stretching after a group fitness class, the instructors remind us to thank our bodies. As someone who has lived almost entirely in my mind my whole life, the idea of thanking my body (let alone, liking it!) was foreign at first. But your body responds to the way you think and act towards it. Give your body love and it will thrive.


8. Give yourself some DIY dream therapy.
Paying attention to your dreams can give you insight on your emotional state. What are the common themes in your dreams? Are you often being chased, or driving a car without brakes? These dreams can indicate patterns in your waking life. Shine the light of your awareness on your little hangups and they'll dissolve over time.

9. Dream about love.
Approaching my waking life as if I'm in a lucid dream is a useful mental framework because it helps me take life less seriously, stretch my beliefs, feel more confident and be more engaged with the present moment. Saying "I'm dreaming I love you" to whatever my attention rests on helps me project a vibration of love quickly. Imagine looking at a shower head and thinking, "I'm dreaming I love you." Instantly, my mind anthropomorphizes the shower head and it becomes my friend. In dreams, you can love weird things. You can have weird sex dreams that change your relationships forever. Anything can happen. Combine that mindset with a little intentional love and reality gets that much sweeter.

We're all dreaming we love you over at the School of Life Design Facebook group, where you can meet other dreamers and collect warm fuzzies. We'd love to have you!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.