Daily Guide to Life Design #2: Gratitude


Daily Guide to Life Design #2: Gratitude


Gratitude is a trendy buzzword for a reason. It can make the mind sick to hear it, because it's one of the simplest paths out of the mind, into infinite intelligence.

The mind doesn't want to hear about gratitude because its job is to resist things. Gratitude is a way for us to begin allowing.

Often I wake up feeling sub-par, without even knowing why. It's because my mind has already gotten away from me, thinking thinking thinking, and I am identified with my thoughts. When I am identified with my thoughts, I feel like I am my thoughts. I can't escape them.

The key to peace is to step back and watch the thoughts, instead of being the thoughts.

Writing down a list of things you're grateful for helps you step back. It gives you an instant bigger-perspective, of "My life really isn't that bad!"

If you resist gratitude, know it's just your mind doing its job. But give it a try and see how much better you feel after listing only 5 things. Let's get out of our minds and into the love that life is made of!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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