Daily Guide to Life Design #1: Conscious Breathing

conscious breathing

Daily Guide to Life Design #1: Conscious Breathing

conscious breathing

I've been working on a life design textbook for over a year now. Over and over, I get excited about it, because this time, I swear, I really found the key to conscious creation!

I seem to come up with the new key to life design about every other day. So instead of compiling scattered notes into a textbook sometime in the future (which does not exist!), I will now be posting a Daily Guide to Life Design, in which I describe the ULTIMATE KEY TO BEING HAPPY AND GETTING WHAT YOU WANT, according to me, at that time space dimension. Let's go!

Daily Guide to Life Design #1: Conscious Breathing

Most meditation books at some point recommend focusing on one's breath to enter a meditative state. I first made sense of the idea a couple summers ago, when I tried focusing on the feeling of breath going in and out of my nostrils.

One day, I experienced complete divine bliss during my little nostril meditation--a feeling I have yet to replicate. It was like being in a blacklight tanning bed, on a Ferris wheel, being massaged in the brain with the neatest toy in the world. It was smooth and electric and the most peace I've ever felt.

The past few weeks I've gotten really into breath meditation again, especially after reading Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life. One day while sitting I was transported into a DMT land of calm characters who acknowledged with their beings that breath is the password to a higher level of consciousness.

If you focus on your breath, wholly, as to cease thinking and be completely in the present, you can feel things. It's like bodily knowledge of everything in the universe. It feels like riding a bike, getting into the rhythm. And if you start thinking, you'll be booted out instantly.

But we can always get back to that higher dimension, where everything is fun and there's nothing to worry about.

Have you had any transcendental breathing experiences? Do you ever feel like you're tripping when you meditate? Are you a star child? A/S/L?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ari

    Hahaha, I love the A/S/L. 21/F/Ozzzztralius!

    This is kind of off topic, but I think it could be related/helpful!

    Have you heard of Vipassana meditation retreats? You go for 10 days, usually, food and accommodation is free, and they teach you how to focus on the breath, then how to focus on one part of the body (like the nostrils, or the nose, or the single tip of a finger), and then in the final days you focus your laser-awareness on love for all beings. There’s no religious affiliation or expectation of payment (you can if you want to, through a voluntary donation), you just go and mediate for like 12 hours a day using this method. There’s centers all over the world, and lots of Youtube vids of people talking about their before/after experiences, if you’re keen to check it out.

    They really press the importance of learning meditation via a system of learning to breathe, THEN learning to focus the awareness, THEN tapping into emotions. I haven’t done one myself but will be early next year, since it sounds awesome. And pretty hard. But mostly awesome.

  • jessica mullen

    Ari you always have the best suggestions! Thank you so much! I found a retreat a few hours outside of Austin… it’s on my 2014 goal list now.

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