Tuesday Tips: the Ninefold Path to Pizza Awareness

Tuesday Tips: the Ninefold Path to Pizza Awareness


Pizza is my thing. In addition to tasting delicious, it comes with years of conditioning my mind to associate feeling good with eating pizza. I always had pizza parties and frozen pizza at sleepovers. It was a treat during lent. My dad makes a kickass grilled pizza. It is my go-to comfort food when I'm bored or stressed or depressed.

I am learning to be my own source of comfort instead of turning to pizza. I am learning to be consciously aware of my thoughts about pizza, instead of thinking about it all the time like a zombie.

My relationship with pizza illustrates my entire journey into self-discovery. I've always known the day I can turn down pizza is the day I have found true happiness--or at least a glimmer of it.

This week I have several pizza-themed tips, but #9 might be my holy grail when it comes to conscious eating. Bon appetit!


1. Eat a snack at the grocery store if you're hungry.
At HEB we weigh the bulk foods, price them, then bust into the chocolate covered espresso beans. Snacking on something delicious when we're shopping prevents those impulsive pizza purchases.

2. Record your common dream themes.
I'm getting back into lucid dreaming by reading Dreaming Yourself Awake. The author suggests keeping track of things you commonly dream about, so when you find yourself in that situation again, you can ask yourself if you're dreaming and hopefully become lucid. My common themes so far are transporting animals (feeling responsible for others' well being?), drugs (belief in lack?), and driving (freedom?). Knowing my common themes helps me see what kind of baggage I'm carrying so I can set it down!

3. Brand your clothes.
Our friend Matthew is starting a new business. He goes on and on about putting his new logo on everything, especially different types of shirts. Kelly and I were inspired to print out a bunch of tshirt transfers and put the School of Life Design logo all over everything! It's a great conversation starter and easy advertising. Thanks Matt!

4. Videotape the ebb and let the flow do the publishing.
Whenever I feel crappy, I start taking videos on my phone. It's the whole basis of our podcast. Taking video helps me step back from my life and laugh at my petty concerns, and it also helps me appreciate how beautiful my life is. When I'm not feeling great, the last thing I want to do is work on projects, but the videos end up being a project later. When I'm feeling better and excited about my work, Kelly and I mix down the videos into our podcast. It's nice to have creative things to do both during the ebb and the flow.


5. Choose "I don't know" mind.
When you're running a plan over and over in your mind because you really want it to turn out just this way you planned and if it doesn't you just don't know what you're going to do because it just has to be this way and ... just stop. Tell yourself you don't know. You don't know how it's going to turn out. You don't know how that person is going to react. You don't know how you're going to get the money, but you will. You know you will. And the more you leave up to the universe, the easier it is for the universe to work its magic. Relax in knowing that you don't know.

6. Resist temptation to become more powerful.
What if for every temptation you resisted, you took on that much more power? For example, Kelly and I always want pizza. Every pizza that we don't buy, we take on the power of that pizza. We become more irresistible. We become tempting ourselves! And then... we get stuck in your system ;]


7. Spot some contrast? Fuck it.
This one goes great with "I don't know" mindset. Have an annoying question? Fuck it. Don't want to do something? Fuck it. Starting to get in an argument? I don't know, fuck it. This tip is entirely based on a book cover I saw posted on Facebook. But I've got it on hold at the library!


8. Develop your sky awareness.
The sky is the great equalizer. We all look at the same one. No matter where you are in the world, they sky looks basically the same. 3pm cumulus clouds on blue sky look (more or less) the same in Texas as they do in Australia. When you look up, you realize there is something bigger than all of us. There is a great mysterious connector that binds us all together, and its power is exponentially larger than the combined power of the human race.

9. Be the observer.
What's beyond silent counting? Watching the thoughts go by in your head like clouds past a window. Say, "I'm observing" to yourself. Then watch what thought comes next. "I'm observing," I said in my head as Kelly and I went for a walk. I saw a dude crossing the street with a pizza. "He got to get a pizza," I heard myself think. For the first time, I watched the "pizza craving" thought instead of becoming it. If I had become identified with the thought (thinking that was who I was), then I would have felt the injustice of being without pizza, and I would have felt justified by purchasing pizza. Instead, I watched the thought and kept my mouth shut. It was easier to let the craving go. And then Kelly said, "I'd rather have a Red Bull and a compliment than a pizza," which pretty much sealed the deal on becoming conscious about pizza. For the next 5 minutes anyway.

(UPDATE! Yesterday someone at the gym told me that I looked like I lost weight! Go team Pizza Awareness!)

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