60 Reasons I’m Having a Good Day

60 Reasons I’m Having a Good Day


  1. Linty on my lap
  2. Espresso
  3. Time to myself
  4. Inspiration
  5. Quiet
  6. I'm training my attention
  7. Writing
  8. Making art
  9. Giant comfy bed
  10. Taking photos
  11. Kelly took care of my towel for me
  12. I'm awake in the dream
  13. I'm my reason for feeling good
  14. Cold water
  15. Kelly is cozy
  16. I'm doing the work
  17. I'm obsessed with waking up
  18. I'm awake
  19. Our meals are planned
  20. I'm starting to get fall cleaning fever
  21. I feel good today
  22. I am excited about life today
  23. I counted to 100
  24. I drew with my left hand
  25. I'm about to write an article
  26. I recorded my meditation
  27. We had an egg-celent breakfast
  28. Kelly read me some awesome stuff from her book
  29. Mary J Blige
  30. Brittney Griner!
  31. Hot showers
  32. Kelly does the dishes now!
  33. I get to do all the cooking!
  34. I am healthy!
  35. We get to go to class!
  36. It cleared up!
  37. I'm having a good day!
  38. Baking soda shampoo
  39. Apple cider vinegar conditioner
  40. I'm energized!
  41. I feel good!
  42. I feel slim!
  43. I feel focused!
  44. My towel smells good
  45. Pwny and Linty are really cute
  46. I've done almost everything on my list
  47. I have beginner's mind
  48. We have pops
  49. Dinner is already made
  50. We get to have a smoothie after class
  51. We have bananas that didn't get tore up on the way home from the store
  52. We get to meditate now
  53. I love meditating
  54. I am fully rested
  55. I am strong
  56. I am fit
  57. I am allowing
  58. I am at peace with what is
  59. I am excited about the unknown
  60. Life loves me
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ari


    Hi Jessica! Read & immediately thought you might like. Thought provoking article on how to use tarot as a ‘map’ for spiritual tripping, using the multiple meanings and archetypes of the cards as markers for reflecting on our own psyches during the entheogenic journey. This makes so much sense to me – since you’re the person who got me interested in tarot years ago thought I’d link it to you too.


  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Ari! That is BRILLIANT!

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