Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Become a Match to the Solution

Glitch Bunny by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Become a Match to…

Glitch Bunny by Kelly Cree

Life is a series of ups and downs, ins and outs, ons and offs. Instead of getting happy with every up and sad with every down, we can learn to dance with the peaks and valleys, enjoying both. If you didn't have a problem, you couldn't have a solution. We experience contrasting situations so we can create and experience their opposites. One thing is for sure: you can't find your solution if you're still thinking about the problem. Here are a couple ways to turn your dial so you can hear the station you want.


1. Question the rules.
Kelly and I have avoided doing graphic design client work for a long time, because the "rules" always bugged us. Show three logo options. Have awkward meetings. Beg to get paid. By some miracle of the designer gods, we now have clients that believe in us so much we only have to show a single option: the solution. We meet at our place over beers or bowls (...of cereal). And we're getting paid cash up front! If we hadn't been open to new ways to freelance, clients would still be avoiding us like the plague.


2. Write your own religious tract.
You already know what you know. I want to read it! Explain your views, and we become more one.

3. Count.
Silent counting is my #1 commandment in my own religious tract. Annoying thoughts=bad mood. Stop thinking=good mood. Good mood=better thoughts. Better thoughts=better life.

4. Wake up thinking, "Today's the day!"
My dad sent me this brilliant Scott Adams article on How to Be Successful. The biggest takeaway: no matter how much you fail, keep waking up thinking that today your luck will change.

5. Resist NOTHING!
Kelly brought it to my attention the other day that I RESIST EVERYTHING. She told me that I have a perfect life, but then I just create problems for myself by resisting good opportunities. "Want to go to Stan's?" "Not really..." "Want to check out that BBQ?" "Not right now..." She really helped me see how much time I spend resisting EVERY part of my day. At least now when I start resisting, I am aware of it. It's scary to stop resisting, like letting go of the sides of a water slide. But when you do, you get to go on such a fun ride.


6. If you aren't passionate about something, be passionate about your health.
James Altucher wrote this awesome article, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself. Cheat letter "E" is: "Don’t worry if you don’t have passion for anything. You have passion for your health. Start there." I never knew what to do when I was passion-less, but this makes perfect sense. Of course! Any time you don't know exactly what to do with yourself (i.e., following your bliss), then work on your health! Run, prepare a healthy meal, take a nap, meditate. Duh! Passion is a symptom of health.

7. Move on.
This is a guest tip by Kelly Cree. Sometimes it feels easier to choose sadness over joy, melancholy over enthusiasm. Especially if I have not been practicing as much, my mind tends to want to play it safe in a mood that doesn't necessarily feel good but that is easier to believe. When I saw a friend today who I haven't seen in some time and over whose actions I am still somewhat harboring hurt feelings, my first inclination was toward that place of hurt. But I'm tired of feeling hurt about that. I realized I could celebrate our chance encounter as an opportunity to make anew. I could choose to perceive it as an indicator of the fact that I am moving on. I could celebrate finally being a match again instead of focusing on what drove us apart. "How could you choose to feel good when this person has wronged you?" pleaded my mind. "Because I can," I replied. It would have been easier to cry. I wanted to cry. I wanted to feel sorry for myself. At least my mind wanted that. But my soul wanted to feel good. My soul wanted to feel love and have fun. So I chose to feel good and even though it was harder, it felt better.


8. Pretend to be yourself at 17.
Or whatever age you remember being a wild badass. If you are 17, keep being a wild badass. Let go of your fear of authority, stop giving fucks, and live life for the fun of it. When I'm trying to make decisions, I ask myself what my 17-year-old self would do. The answer usually involves more fishnet, less loafing, and more danger.

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Living the magick life.

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