Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Enjoy Life Where You Are

Art by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Enjoy Life Where You…

Art by Kelly Cree

The theme of this week's Tips is letting go of everything but RIGHT NOW. Say yes to right now. Stop caring about what you don't have right now. Become lucid right now. Be at peace with right now. Decide what you want to express right now. In the Now, there is nothing to worry about and everything is fun. Let's get there together, right now!


1. Say yes!
Kelly and I went for a walk to return some library books. On the way, we heard live music on 1st Street. Upon investigation, we found a cute party behind a resale shop. A girl came out to greet us, saying, "Come in! Free beer!" Who could resist? We walked in, graciously accepted a beer, and settled in to watch the music. After a while we met several incredible artists, made a beautiful new friend, and even walked away with some new artwork. Just because we said yes to free beer!

2. Whenever you give it up, it comes.
Whenever I decide to take a break from drinking, I get free drinks in spades. As soon as I stop wanting to party with friends, my phone blows up. The instant I stop wanting something, it comes. This rule applies to everything, because when you want something, you send a vibration of "I don't have that." When you stop wanting it, you send a vibration of, "It's already mine."


3. Be on to the next!
Whenever something good happens, try to move on from it as quickly as possible. For example, when you have a great weekend with friends. If you keep reliving the memories and feeling nostalgic, you'll block new experiences from flowing. Let go of what has happened and let yourself be here now, because that's the only place more good experiences can happen.

4. Try this mantra: "I'm my own supply. I don't care about that."
Just ran out of beer? You'll never get more if you're thinking about how you don't have it. Beer isn't your reason for feeling good anyway, YOU are! You are your own supply of good feelings. If you can stop caring about wanting things outside of you to make you feel good, you can allow more into your experience. When you stop caring about getting more beer, it will come.

5. Get into dream mindset.
It's easy to be in the Now when you consider that you are dreaming. Being lucid in waking life is the same as being lucid in a dream. You're present, ready, and able to go deeper into life. "I'm dreaming that I'm writing Tuesday Tips. What fun can I have with this?!"


6. Appreciate it and it's yours!
I was appreciating Emma's tweet, "great great great day. got shit DUNNN '2 sticks in my bun'". I'm pretty sure I had done approximately zero things on my own list, but I was happy for Emma, for real. The next day? All 13 items checked off my list, effortlessly! Next time you feel jealous, try to feel appreciation instead so you too can enjoy the object of your appreciation.

7. If you aren't fearful, you aren't growing.
This article rules. Be excited to feel fear, because it means you are expanding. The unknown is terrifying, but stepping into it always pays off.

8. Ask yourself, "What is my contrast helping to ask for?"
When I wake up feeling less than amazing, I sit down to write. I ask, "What is my contrast?" and bitch about whatever is making me crabby. Then I ask, "What is my contrast helping me ask for?" I write down what I would prefer instead. You must ASK for what you want to ever get it. I always feel relieved after this exercise because it help me see how petty my contrast usually is, and when I describe what I want, my mind starts making connections to make it happen.


9. Be at peace with what is.
I was super pissed at myself because I skipped my workout class. But I really didn't want to go, and knew it was time for a break. So instead of beating myself up, I did this: Count from 1-10. Say, "I'm at peace with what is." Count from 10-20. Say, "I'm at peace with what is." And on and on and on until I got to 1200. I know that this moment/the Now/what is, is supposed to be heaven. And after 1200 numerals and 120 repetitions of my mantra, I felt fantastic, and so happy with what I had.

10. "I can Master the Moment by moving into each moment deciding ahead of time what I Intend to Express."
This quote from Neale Donald Walsch is so intriguing. What does it mean to decide ahead of time what I intend to express?? Like Abraham-Hicks' Segment Intending, "deciding ahead of time what I Intend to Express" is just a way to consciously create in the moment. I intend to express clarity and love with my Tuesday Tips. And so when I go to write them, the universe helps me make it so.

What do you intend to express in this moment? Let us know in the School of Life Design Facebook group!

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