Tuesday Tips: October Etiquette for the Optimist

Art by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: October Etiquette for the Optimist

Art by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips! Life's a game, and October is my favorite level. Let's fuck shit up.


1. Don't say anything unless it's entertaining or useful.
Whatever gem of an inspirational quote on FB I got this from, thank you. There's so much to learn when I just listen. Especially from ghosts.

2. Say yes.
It's always the universe trying to help. Or a good plot-twist.


3. Stop trying to figure it out.
Even your big problems can be released in an instant. Just stop thinking about them; stop giving them attention. Stop saying "Bloody Mary" in the mirror and she won't come anymore.


4. Don't take it personally.
It isn't about you. Seriously. Everyone is just trying to figure out what they want to be for Halloween.


5. In the present there's nothing to worry about and everything is fun.
Are you worried? If so, feel excited because that means all you have to do to feel better is get to the present! Take deep breaths, count, or look at your reality while thinking "I'm dreaming." There are a million ways to get there, and now you're on your way. October is the month for being in the Now.

6. Make every moment matter.
Thanks to Zoetica for this sentence that stuck with me like spiderwebs on fishnet. It helps me appreciate the Now and try to be a loving contribution to life.

7. Make peace with what is!
I go through this cycle: I'm my reason for feeling good. I take care of myself and do the work. Then I manifest something awesome. I really love the awesome manifestation, and feel really good about it. But then I start using the manifestation as my reason to feel good. Then, when it's gone, I feel bad.

I have been through this cycle enough times to be pretty good at it. I run out of the manifestation (good times with friends, money, etc) and then I start trying to use other things outside of me to feel good to make up for it. Food, booze, usually.

Then I start feeling bad for making poor choices that don't serve me, and I experience contrast (or that which I do not want). My emotions are negative. I want to do nothing but watch tv and sleep.

When I reach that negative emotion state, I've learned to make peace with what is. So I had a good time but then stopped doing the work. All it means is that I go back to doing the work, as fast as I can. I go back to the gym. I pick up my hoop. I meditate. I write. I think about what I want.

And I let go of feeling bad about myself for experiencing more contrast. The sooner I stop caring about feeling bad, the sooner I let go of my negative emotion, the faster I get right back up to the good feeling place I was at, except now I'm poised to go higher.

I let go of that negative emotion by saying, "I'm at peace with what is." Usually what is, is something you wanted anyway, and you just haven't taken the time to appreciate it. Look around you. Aren't you so happy with what you have?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.