From Lucid Dreams to Lucid Life: Using Sleep Perspective to Wake Up in the Now

two of wands

From Lucid Dreams to Lucid Life: Using Sleep Perspective…

two of wands

Last week, Kiriko Kikuchi inspired me to start analyzing my waking life like a dream. This was a particularly titillating concept for me, because I love lucid dreaming but haven't done much of it lately.

Lucid dreams are so exciting. I'm awake in the dream! I can do anything! I can fly. I can start and stop fire. I can make things appear. My wishes are granted. The thing is... waking life is the exactly same way, except for that whole time buffer between asking and receiving.

Think of yourself as dreaming, right now. Tell yourself, "So I was dreaming that I was reading Jessica's site..." Instantly your mind should search for the symbolism or significance of the event.

You don't have to figure out what it all means when you are living your lucid life. Imagining that you're dreaming helps you be present and in the moment. Ready for anything. And ready to ask for what you want in the moment, because you're lucid! You have the power!

It gets my creative imagination going as well. I say to myself, "I'm dreaming about doing the dishes. And then the plates started floating into the air!" I start believing that reality can be just as squirrelly as a dream, and I start enthusiastically testing my lucid powers.

Seeing waking life as a dream puts me in the present, constantly creating new desires based on my current circumstance. I become so engrossed with whatever is happening right now that I forgot the desires I had a minute ago. And then my wishes come true.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kiriko

    I love your take on this idea Jessica! Maybe dreams are like a testing ground for our waking life powers.

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