Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Life the Way It Is


Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Life the Way…

Art by Kelly Cree's left hand

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, your weekly roundup of ways to feel better, right now. Lately I've been waking up nearly every morning desperately wanting to change some aspect of my life. Slowly I'm learning that if I just relax and trust that I'm in the right place at the right time, everything works out. Worrying never helps, and resisting what is never helps. But when I make peace with life the way it is, I begin to see that it already is the way I want it to be.


1. Make what you've already done better.
Feeling stuck creatively? Take the things you've created that you like and make a newer, better version. You'll find value in your old work while creating something new. (Thanks for the advice, Mia!)

2. Ask yourself only, "How do I want to express myself?" Not "What will people think?"
Madonna gave this brilliant advice on a Reddit "Ask Madonna Almost Anything". Someone asked, "How often do you think about who your art is reaching?" to which she replied, "only when i hear comments like this from people do i think about it the rest of the time i only think of how i would like to explress myself i think about expression not results".


3. Try this mantra: "This is who I am! Deal with it!"
Today, make the choice to LIKE WHO YOU ARE, the way you are. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about who you are! Not your mom, not your partner, no one! Embrace every idiosyncrasy and "flaw" you have! They are what make you you! OWN IT.

4. Analyze your waking life like you would a dream.
Kiriko wrote about this brilliant idea. You wonder what your dreams mean, but do you ever wonder what your waking life means? Look around you--what do the objects in your life indicate? Your circumstances, your environment, the people around you? They're all indicators of your vibration. If you don't like the indicators you're looking at, just place your attention on something else.

5. Write your own prayer.
Sometimes a mantra isn't enough. To keep your mind under control, string together your favorite positive messages and use your homemade prayer to calm and center yourself. Here's mine:

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.
Thank you universe.
I am. I love myself.
Nam myoho renge kyo.
I don't give a fuck. I can do it.

6. Notice what you're telling your reality.
I found myself telling my cat, "Pull it together." Then I heard myself saying it to other people. Every aspect of my reality is an aspect of myself, so I'm telling myself to pull it together. Time to take my own advice!

7. Never ask for the same thing twice.
When you ask, it is given. So when you're filling out a "Best Case Scenario" or a "Life Story" or just thinking about what you want, dream bigger and better. Don't keep asking for a new job if you've already asked for it. Trust that the universe is on the case. Stay focused on fresh desires to give your old ones a chance to take root in your subconscious.


8. Love money.
Growing up in a nice suburb with nice things left me with some questionable feelings about money. I always felt bad about having it, to the extent that I completely pushed it out of my life! I am reawakening my love of money, thanks to Erika Lyremark.

9. When you feel jealous, focus on what you do have.
Are you jealous of someone's job, health, figure, home? Write it down. Then ask yourself what you have that's good. If you're jealous of someone's body type, focus on how great your hair is. Find related things that you DO have to increase your feelings of abundance. When I feel fat in comparison to someone, I remind myself that I'm fit. When I feel like my life lacks style, I remember that I'm fun. When I envy someone's discipline, I remember that I live in the flow and my work comes naturally.

10. Embrace your struggle.
Whatever your big problems in life are, they are also the things you know the most about. Look for the positive aspects of your experience. What have you learned that you can share? How can you learn to like or enjoy your problems? As soon as you make peace with them, they'll go away. When I started looking for the positive aspects of being nocturnal, I went back to a diurnal sleep schedule immediately!


11. Count.
Every single moment that you spend counting in your head, you're not thinking. Those moments allow you connect to your source and access infinite intelligence. Stop your thoughts, return to your natural state of feeling good, which will then attract better-feeling thoughts full of solutions.

12. If you're not in awe, you're not paying attention.
I would love to be in awe of every moment! Sometimes I can say "Wow!" and find something that wows me. Looking at my waking life as a dream helps me be more aware too.

How do you stay in awe? What are you in awe of? Let us know in the School of Life Design Facebook group!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kiriko Kikuchi

    Great post! Your prayer fills me with glee. Thanks for the shoutout. Sending you and Kelly psychic hugs.

  • Cathy

    totally feel ya on # 8, similar experience here. Although mentally I’ve been cool with wealth for awhile now, I still have difficulty verbalizing it. During money meditations I even noticed that I say the word “money” really fast. So it’s been fun just saying it really slow. Moooooonnnnnneeeeyyyyy. Money. Monnneee.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Kiriko!! The prayer is so silly but it gets me going! Haha. *BIG HUGS!*

    Cathy, phew, thanks for the reply, I’m not the only one! Moneeeeeeee. Money. Money money money. At least now I know that I thought it was a dirty word, what a complex situation!

    Simplifying NOW. I love moneeeey and Cathyyyyy

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