Good morning gratitude!

Good morning gratitude!


Grateful to be awake and alive. For my wife getting up early and being in a good mood. For coffee. For linty under the covers with me. For getting up before my alarm goes off. For being up during the day.

Grateful for Kelly. For my health. For working appliances. For new opportunities. For Kelly making bread! For eggs! For Pwny being cute!

Grateful for Mondays and new beginnings. Grateful for hot showers. For vivid dreams. For fun days. For friends. For good music. For Kelly being so nice to me.

Grateful for my website. For positive feedback. For new clothes. For plenty of everything.

Grateful for the power to choose thought. Grateful for the practice. To be practiced. To be in the right place at the right time. To be noticed. To receive attention.

Grateful for mantras and meditations. Grateful my work is to feel good and have fun. For fresh inspiration. For muses. For Kelly's health. For my parents and siblings. For daylight. For diurnal sleep schedules!

Grateful for money for bills. Grateful the rent is paid. Grateful for my phone. For air voice. For kale smoothies. For ease and flow.

Grateful for les mills. Grateful to have a workout schedule. For new ideas. To not be afraid to express myself. To be on the leading edge.

Grateful to be conscious. To be free. To be god in human form. To go with the flow. To let it come to me. To know what I want.

I want:
To have the most fun I've ever had.
To help someone else.
To have bold brilliant ideas.
To do well in class.
To create my best work.
To be present more than ever.
To count to 10,000.
To do nice things for Kelly.
To love myself more than ever.
To have a vision of my big picture.
To see my friends.
To make a podcast.
To see my parents.
To feel loved and supported. (I do!)
To feel excited about my work. (I do!)
To trust the flow. (I do!)
To return my emails.
To feel financially secure.
To teach.
To trip.
To make a masterpiece.
To follow my own advice.
To be at peace with what is.
To feel butterflies.
To have a muse for every day of the week.
To take my work to the next level.
To create a high end product that's super popular.
To create something I would buy.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life? To be sweet to Kelly? To give her that massage I owe her? To talk to my parents? To feel successful? To feel in control of my vibration? To focus on what's working?

Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow? To get obsessed with my work, starting now?!

I love it when the week starts off right! I love it when I sleep 8 hours! I love it when Kelly gets up before me & does chores and cooks!

I love it when I feel good! I love it when I feel focused! I love it when I am my reason for feeling good! I love it when I'm nice!

I love it when I let go. I love it when I do the work. I love it when life feels good and exciting. I love it when I have things to look forward to. I love it when I feel fun!

I love it when I feel life within me. I love it when I am present and aware of the divine presence within. I love it when I count. I love it when I feel good about myself!

Dear Jessica,
This is the best day of your life! Enjoy it! Life is bringing you everything you asked for. Relax and open up to receiving. This is all for you. You are so loved. Thank you for being here. It's all working out! Lets have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.