A Birthday Love Letter to Gala Darling

A Birthday Love Letter to Gala Darling

Happy Birthday Gala!

Happy birthday to my favorite blogger, Gala Darling. From the day I laid eyes on her SXSW panel in 2009, she has inspired me and my own website a billion times over. She gave form to my newly-coalescing web-trepreneur dreams.

Gala's style and voice have the power to transform my perspective 180º. The way she writes is just so intoxicating! She makes the reader feel unique and loved, a talent that transforms the mundane to magical.

While Gala's articles are addictive and enthralling, it's her very existence that I am celebrating today. Never before has someone helped me see so many of my own weaknesses!

You see, I suffer from comparing-myself-itis.

Her life is so glamourous! She's so skinny! Her writing style is out of this world! She's so young! She's so put together!

My life involves very little glamour. I am not skinny. My writing style is academic. I am older than Gala! I feel my world falling apart on a daily basis!

Comparing myself is stupid, I know that. We're all unique, blah blah blah. But my feeling-like-I-suck-in-comparison made me skip two opportunities to meet my blogging hero in person (once when I was in NY and recently when she did the Blogcademy in Austin).

That's really not like me. I tend to be pretty confident. But something about Ms. Gala Darling makes me feel so fat and lazy!

So the pioneer of the Radical Self Love movement makes me feel fat and lazy. What does that mean? It means that even when she is not directly speaking about it, Gala is helping me on my own self-love journey.

I am clearly not accepting parts of myself that need to be loved. I have deemed myself unworthy and unlovable by comparison to someone I've never even met. But now I am bringing light to those things I don't like about myself. With a little patience, I am transforming those things into my greatest assets.

If not glamourous, I am a lot of fun. If not skinny, I'm muscular and fit. If not out-of-this-world, my writing style is flowing and evolving. So what if I'm a little older, I look young and I know I'm hella wise! And every time my world falls apart, I put it back together in a way that makes me cackle with delight.

And just like that, I feel my confidence growing. The questions Gala makes me ask about myself yield entirely new ways to love and appreciate the life I have.

Gala helps me dream bigger for myself. She helps me be a better person. She has helped me turn shameful insecurities into positive aspects. She helped me look my jealousy in the eye and turn it into love.

Thank you Gala! You are changing the world! Happy birthday!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • The Dame Intl

    Jessica, I found you because of Gala and you have been such a help to me. Also, I completely get how you feel about comparing yourself to Gala, I feel the EXACT same way!! And I am 34!! I have had my blog for 3 years and I still have no notoriety or money from it. Gala is in a league of her own and I hate that I’ve not been able to emulate that, that I’ve only had a modicum of praise and helped only a small amount of people through my words which eventually ran out. I too wish I had fabulous style and an army of photographers to capture every moment and money to afford a life worth photographing, but I guess my path is different. Gala is indeed inspiring and yes, holds a mirror up to us, its how we deal with what we see that matters.

  • sara

    I love this! It’s b/c of Gala that I found you & the SOLD community! I’ve been following her since umm maybe just a few months since icing started – & my life has radically changed from reading her blog. That sounds almost silly, like how can your life change from a blog!? But i was depressed, I had lost all of my friends, I was on drugs- like i can’t even put into words how much her writing has revolutionized how I feel about myself & the world.
    & it’s the perfect example of internet connection- through Gala I found you & then all the other SOLDiers who are now like the best internet friends ever! Jen & Mia & Kitty (Oh my!)
    Lovey ladies inspiring on the internet!

  • jessica mullen

    Your reply helps me see things more clearly. I think the trouble is that we think she is THE way to do things, but we’re all individuals with our own things to offer. How Gala expresses herself is so amazing–because it is so unique to her.

    The last time I checked, you do have a life worth photographing! I always love your photo posts! I think one way to deal with envy is to go balls-to-the-wall YOU, go crazy expressing yourself how YOU want, without caring about who you help or what others think. I’m working on doing this myself! “How do I want to express myself today?” Instead of “What will they think if I express myself?”

    I am eternally grateful to Gala for all the people she has connected me to! Your reply helps me see that there is no competition, only symbiosis and love.

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