And if you drop it, just pick it up

And if you drop it, just pick it up


I am so grateful...

  1. For This Right Now
  2. To Be Hungry
  3. Psytrance
  4. Somethun to do
  5. Vodka in the freezer
  6. Food in the fridge
  7. Bicycle
  8. Biking to gym
  9. Body Pump!
  10. Hot showers
  11. Washing machine
  12. To feel good in my body
  13. To have awesome friends
  14. For new ideas
  15. To let it come
  16. To let go
  17. To have new mantras
  18. That's a thought
  19. Art on the fridge and the walls
  20. Letters from my Grandma
  21. Rides to the store
  22. Rain
  23. Magickal object collection
  24. Hoops
  25. Astrojax
  26. My health
  27. Kelly
  28. Kitties
  29. Phonecalls from Michael
  30. Magick pellets
  31. Rice
  32. Emily
  33. Dream art
  34. Dee Dee
  35. Beth Lynn
  36. Dan
  37. Jessica
  38. Sunset
  39. Clouds
  40. Beautiful weather
  41. 1600
  42. Presence
  43. Waking up more every day
  44. Remembering who I am
  45. Doing the work
  46. To be a kingpin
  47. To be in control of my vibration
  48. My purse it rules
  49. Dancing with friends
  50. Tshirt surgery
  51. Compliments
  52. Coffee
  53. Free stuff
  54. Linty
  55. Pwny
  56. Talking to my siblings
  57. Joy is happy
  58. Mirrors
  59. Pulling it together
  60. Having fun!

Wouldn't it be nice...

  1. To have the most fun night ever
  2. To feel the best I've ever felt
  3. To create with Kelly
  4. To make my best work
  5. To eat well
  6. To feel more in control of my vibration than ever
  7. To trust the flow
  8. To let go
  9. To be the watcher
  10. To hoop
  11. to feel focused
  12. To feel inspired
  13. To be here now
  14. To give
  15. To help
  16. To love
  17. To be at ease
  18. To trust the process of life
  19. To feel 100% energized
  20. To feel the creative flow bursting through me

I love it when...

  1. I don't give a fuck
  2. I'm kind to myself and my reality
  3. I'm in awe
  4. I feel fun
  5. I learn new hoop tricks
  6. I execute my ideas
  7. I feel inspired and motivated
  8. I feel like a brilliant artist
  9. I remember who I am
  10. I am present

Dear Jessica,
Just relax. Everything is perfectly time. Be in awe of this moment and let everything else go. You are in control. You are the dreamer. You are doing such a great job.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Life is taking care of you. Just breathe and allow it to take care of you. Breathe and relax. Breathe and be here now. Relax and open yourself up to receiving. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You have nothing to fear. You can let go now.

Still your mind and let the flow guide you. You are allowing. You are flowing. You are in the flow. You are here now. Just relax and be here now. Close your eyes.

Relax. Let the tension go. Let life breathe you. Let life live you. Let go.

Trust the process of life. Trust that this moment is holy. Trust that there is something to be in awe of right in front of your eyes.

Trust that life is giving you everything you've ever wanted, right now. Trust that you were meant to be here. Trust that life is taking care of you. Trust that it's all going your way. Trust that life is on your side. Let go and let it come to you. Let go.

Let go and feel better by the moment. You can stop thinking and rise higher and higher. Keep going up!

Now, what do you want?
To have fun. To feel energized. To feel excited about my work.
I am having so much fun! I am so energized! I am excited about my work!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.