Daily Meditation for 8.30.13 – Celebrate!

Daily Meditation for 8.30.13 – Celebrate!

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome to the Now. Step into the Now. You can do it! You can do it! You're here! Welcome! You're here right now, so you're doing great. You're still alive and you're still breathing. And now, you're smiling!

Breathe in and be here now.
Breathe out and know everything's working out for you.

Everything happened at the right time. It's all working out. We did everything right. We made the right choices. We're making the right choices right now. We're connecting. We're leveling up. We're becoming stronger. We're better than ever before. We're doing our best and our best is good enough.

Breathe in and smile! It's time to celebrate!
Breathe out and relax. Because all of the change--it's all been so worth it. It's been so worth it.

Everything is unfolding perfectly. You can see it, you can feel it, you can taste it and smell it. I know you've noticed.

Breathe in and be excited because you know you created this.
Breathe out and let yourself connect to right now.

Bring yourself up to speed. You know your power. You've let go of so much. You're a new person now. Everything's different now. It's a whole new you, it's a whole new moment. You have the tools.

Breathe in and know you're ready.
Breathe out and be so excited because this is the start of the rest of our lives and the rest of our lives are going to be so amazing.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • liesbeth

    Nice again, thanks!! I follow you and your meditations daily, big help in difficult period. I appreciate your effort to do this so much.

    Love from Holland,


  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much Liesbeth!

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