Channel Infinite Intelligence with Your Other Hand

Channel Infinite Intelligence with Your Other Hand

The Big Picture
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I love channeling. To me, channeling is slowing my mind down enough to connect to infinite intelligence, and let it speak through me. I channel when I record my video meditations. I channel when I write myself "Dear Jessica" letters. When I stop thinking and let life do the talking, there is only truth.

Today my big announcement is that I've picked up a new form of channeling! I started reading The Power of Your Other Hand, which is aptly subtitled, "A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain". This book is mind-blowing!

The premise is that the non-dominant hand holds all of our deep dark secrets. Everything associated with the left hand is considered weak, wrong, shameful, passive, and untrained. Which makes it the perfect place to ask about our troubles!

You can write a question with your dominant hand, and then answer it with the non-dominant. If you're having a health problem, use the non-dominant hand to speak for the problem. It will tell you everything!

I was mega-excited when I realized I could address the contrast in my life with left-hand channeling, but when I started drawing with my left hand a whole new world opened up.

When drawing with my left hand, I am transported instantly to the Now. My thoughts stop. And I can connect instantly to my higher self--the version of me who already knows all there is to know.

As I draw, my right-brain, or higher self, talks to me. My right hand wants to hurry. It's so impatient. It wants to take the pencil from my left and slap it. But my left hand will say, "You're so impatient. Just slow down and let me show you something." And then it reveals a spectacular image that I had not preconceived--it just comes out!

I can't speak highly enough for creating with your non-dominant hand. You simply must try it yourself. Also, using your non-dominant hand for activities you normally do with your dominant hand is a great way to be in the Now too! Try brushing your teeth or eating with the non-dominant hand. It's complete beginner's mind!

The image above I began with my right hand. I wanted to create something that reminded me to focus on the big picture. I wrote "The Big Picture" and "Just Listen" with my right hand. Then I started drawing circles and remembered to use my left hand. The beautiful drawing that emerged was topped off with the only big picture message I needed to remember: "Just don't worry!"

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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