Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Doing with Not-Doing


Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Doing with…


Welcome to Tuesday Tips, your weekly guide to going with the flow. The past week I have allowed myself to slow down and just be, which has resulted in more joy and abundance than forcing action ever could.

When you allow yourself to be still, you open yourself up to solutions and inspiration from the universe. When you're not busy over-thinking and trying to bang things into place, life can sneak in and surprise you with the perfect solution.

The only action you need to take is the action you can't stop yourself from taking. If wild horses couldn't stop you, if it's a FUCK YEAH!, then you know the action is right. But in any other case, just be still and let the answer come to you. Listen, it's trying to get to you right now!


1. Don't make your own art. Use Pixabay!
Pixabay is a website of totally free images. Copyright free and in the public domain, you can use these images all you want without any attribution. Perfect for a quick design project or to illustrate blog posts.

2. Don't take action. Just say yes!
Whatever your current situation is, say yes to it. Say yes to where you are, who you are, who is with you, what your body is like, what you feel like, what you're thinking. Say yes to all of it. When you stop wanting to change what is, you allow energy to flow freely, creating the change you desire.

Once you've said yes to what is, be open to opportunities. Say yes to a knock on your door, an invitation, a phone call. That knock on your door, invitation or phone call might not be the most fun thing in the entire world, but it is the vanguard of opportunity. Because you said yes to your friend, a sequence of events may unfold that will result in you having your best idea yet. You have no idea what miracles will unfold because you said yes to life, but they're coming!


3. Don't think. Count!
If you feel anything short of amazing, just stop thinking and you'll bounce right back up the emotional scale. Silent counting is the easiest way to stop thinking.

The only reason you ever feel bad is because of what you're thinking. Stop your resistant thoughts and you will return to your natural state of well being. Once you feel better, you will attract better-feeling thoughts. It works every single time!


4. Don't beat yourself up. Practice the feeling of success.
Try this technique for practicing the feeling of success. Just pick something you'd like to succeed at, then picture yourself doing it. That short amount of time that you're imagining success for yourself projects a successful vibration. That vibration then attracts successful-feeling experiences into your life.

5. Don't play off-key. Tune your vibration.
This is HANDS DOWN the best guided meditation I've heard in a long time. I linked to it last week, and I'm linking again because I listened to it every day since. The meditation will help you make peace with what is, and then tune your vibration to a higher frequency by having you visualize a higher place of great beauty, to the point of tears. When you take the time to feel that good on your own, without anything outside of you, you invite real experiences that feel the same way into your life.


6. Don't ask "What am I going to get out of it?" Ask "How can I be a contribution?"
This brilliant idea comes from Brian Johnson. When you help people, you project a vibration that attracts experiences of people helping you. If you go to an event thinking, "What am I going to get out of this?" that's what other people will be thinking towards you. Be a contribution and others will contribute to you.

7. Don't get a job. Do a 40 Day Prosperity Plan!
I nearly start hyperventilating when I think about how much this plan has changed my life the past week. Kelly and I are on Day 9 of the process, and every single day since we started, we have manifested straight up miracles.

It's not hard to do; it requires only 15 minutes of meditation a day. During the meditation, you focus on a specific passage about abundance, training your mind into new beliefs.

The first day we got a donation. The second day we got $5000. The third day, another donation and a blissful trip to the lake. The fifth, a wonderful outing with friends and we stopped ourselves from making some bad decisions. The sixth day we sold a book and got an awesome write-up from a blogger. The seventh, literal knocks of opportunity on our apartment door and more worksheet testimonials! Yesterday was day 8 and we made a huge Astrojax sale. Not only that, but the only thing I wanted was for my mom and sister to call, and they both did!

I am getting everything I ever wanted and I owe it to focusing on the abundance already within me. This plan is a miracle and I can't recommend it enough!

What's working for you?

When was the last time you chose to be still and let what you want come to you? What's an example of a time when you stopped trying and started receiving? Let us know your favorite example of not-doing in the School of Life Design group! Happy conscious creating my loves!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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