Tuesday Tips: 8 DIY Miracles for Manifestation

Tuesday Tips: 8 DIY Miracles for Manifestation

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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, your weekly guide to finding meaning in life. It's back to school season, which means big change and feeling focused. Here are a few projects your mind can play with this week, guaranteed to leave you feeling A++.


1. Take the smallest step and expect success.
Kelly and I want to sell our book in local bookstores. This requires actually visiting said bookstores, talking to people about our work, and finding out the process for consignment. Multiple people suggested we try Book Woman, so we made plans to check it out.

When it came time to head to Book Woman, we started resisting. We left super late and got there 15 minutes before it closed. But I believe I am perfect timing, so I trusted that it was the right time at the right place.

Once we arrived, I almost didn't want to ask the clerk my question! I noticed myself resisting and felt silly. I mustered up some confidence, marched to the counter and asked, "What's the process for selling a book here?" The clerk explained a very simple procedure and I was enormously relieved.

Since we took that tiny step, a series of major manifestations have resulted. We were inspired to make a second edition of our book more appropriate for store display. Kel got a flat tire on the ride home and we ended up getting to see our friends because of it. We had to walk back to get our bikes, during which we had a major brainstorming session. Kelly was inspired to start a Prosperity Plan after seeing a book about it at Book Woman, and we've casually manifested $5,006 (which I no doubt attribute to the Prosperity Plan!).

So much life, synchronicity and magick was born because we faced our fears of promoting our work and took a tiny step towards doing so. The flow took care of all the rest.


2. Change your story.
As Kelly and I were strolling through Austin in the middle of the night, I was describing my relationship with my parents. I was trying to "figure it out" and explain it. Kelly said to me, "You can just change your story. Isn't it nice your parents love and support you?" And just like that, I felt so much relief. Since that conversation I've spoken with both my parents and I DO feel loved and supported!

You can change your story any time with "Isn't it nice..." Just be consistent with your thoughts and your reality will begin to reflect your new pattern.

3. Ask for what you want.
Before embarking on our aforementioned nighttime walk, I said to Kelly, "Wouldn't it be nice to see a bunch of snails and unicycles on this walk?" Snails and unicycles are two of my "zero resistance" desires. I love seeing them, but don't care at all whether or not I do.

We were walking in the middle of the night to claim Kelly's flat-tired-ass bike. We had taken the wheel with us when we had tied the bike up, so we had to carry it back with us to put back on bike to bring home. Kind of a unicycle, right?

When we returned home hours later, it was after sunrise. I looked down at the steps outside our apartment and saw half a dozen snails, just slimin' in the morning sun. I nearly cried, it was such a miracle!


4. Trust the flow!
When Kelly got her flat tire, we were 8 miles from home. I was so pissed. Luckily, I had watched this Tina Turner Youtube video earlier in the day, in which she describes herself using a Buddhist practice to center herself and roll better with the punches.

[The practice] helps me not to be upset easily. It helps me to deal with situations on a different level, because I think differently about it. I don't get upset as easily. Yes, I still get upset because I'm only human. But the whole attitude because someone's blowing the horn, or look at that crazy person how he's driving, I don't get upset about it.

Things go wrong in the business, before I become angry, I have to really dig into it to try to find what's going on before I get upset. Not upset first and then find out whats going on.

Part of Tina's practice is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The chant is taught to be the way to awaken one's Buddha nature and tap into the deepest levels of our existence. As soon as Kelly's bike tire hissed flat at the Office Depot bike racks, I started chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo".

It totally worked, because the rest of the night ended up being the best night of my life. Even though at first I was on the verge of picking a fight because of how frustrated I was, I kept myself centered with the chanting and let the flow show me the delightful plan it had laid out for me to enjoy.

5. Love yourself a little more today.

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe. ~ Abraham

Self love, self love, we all know it's important. But how to we do it?! The answer: watch this meditation video! It gives an extremely simple technique for self love, made me feel focused and joyful, and features music by Iasos, my fav new age artist. (Enormous thank you to Donna for the recommendation!)


6. Be your own best friend!
Instead of constantly criticizing yourself in your head, try talking to yourself like you would a friend. "Great job leaving the house today! Way to go on that dinner you cooked! That sure was a good idea you had! You're looking great today! Way to go, being nice to your friends today. Keep up the good work!" There is always something nice you can find to say about yourself, and it feels SO GOOD when you do!

7. Make peace with what is.
This article by Sophia Love helped me make a lot of peace with who I am. It goes synchroniciously with the meditation I linked to above. Devour both for best results.

8. Focus your eyes on one point as frequently as you can.
Part of being present is observing your surroundings. I found that most of the time, my eyes are slightly spaced out, thinking about the past or future! Who would want to watch an unfocused movie? One way to join the present with your eyes is to focus your eyes on a single point and leave them there. This concentrates your attention, and you're actually actively LOOKING at your reality. Try it, it feels wonderful!

Turn in your homework!

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    Way to go on contacting the book store! Won’t it be fun to see your book on bookshelves nationwide in the near future? :D

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    Thank you Allison! I am so excited! It would be nice!

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