Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Feel Good on a Regular Basis

Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Feel Good on a…

It just doesn't matter
Concentrating your attention and shaping your thought patterns is an incremental process, and you'll never get it done. But a little daily fine-tuning goes a long way in making life easier. Use these tips to increase resilience, reduce stress and keep your momentum building.


1. Go to bed late.
Trust when your body wants to sleep instead of subscribing to the man's system! Never ever do anything because you think you should. Only do what wild horses couldn't stop you from doing. Plus, A New Study Suggests That Late-To-Bed-Late-To-Rise Leads To Greater Workplace Success!

2. Celebrate "WAY TO GO!" moments.
It all started when I told Kelly about an achievement, and she said, "Neat." I was pissed. She's like, "What did you want me to say?!" And I told her, "Way to go Jessica! Great job! Keep up the good work!" Since then, we've been trying to truly celebrate each other's accomplishments, big or small. When one of us does something great, we celebrate! It amplifies the achievement and sends the signal to invite more.

3. Express yourself.
It is with great relief that I announce Danielle Laporte's greatest pearl of wisdom: "Self expression is a form of service."

4. Tell someone, "I believe something magickal is about to happen to you!"
Replace magickal with whatever you like! Something great, something fun, etc. It will brighten someone's day!


5. DECIDE and it comes!
I wanted to buy something. We didn't have the money. Finally I said to Kelly, "That's IT! We're buying it TOMORROW! I'll just take the money from the food budget!" The next day we got a check in the mail for the exact amount we needed.

6. Look for the other side of the wave.
Experiencing contrast? If you are facing something you DO. NOT. WANT. then just look for the other side of the wave. If you're pissed because you're ex-friends are on vacation without you, think about what you would prefer. To go on vacation with friends who are actually kind and on your level and fun to travel with? Every contrasting experience is just asking you what you want, so the universe can bring it to you. Without the things you don't want, you'd never know what you DO want.


7. Try this mantra: "I'm good enough to have good friends."
People not texting back? When I'm waiting to hear back from a friend, sometimes it makes me feel like "Why aren't they writing back? I must not be good enough!" Change that thought pattern with this mantra: "I am good enough to have good friends!"

8. Don't take it personally!
People aren't doing things to intentionally hurt you, they're only reflecting your vibration. If someone does something that you take personally, just say "I love you" to that person and move on. If you can love someone unconditionally even though they've "hurt" you, you will always have the upper hand.


9. Clear your mind of all thoughts but the present and be a success!

For me, whatever I'm doing is a success. The ultimate success. The whole world belongs to me, because I live in the simplicity of what is. Woman sitting in chair. There's nothing beyond this. Not one thought beyond it. This room is the whole world. I am a success at sitting. I'm a success at breathing. If I died now, I'd be a success at not breathing. What could I possibly fail at? When the mind is clear, there is no way to make a mistake. Reality is kind. Its nature is uninterrupted joy. ~ Byron Katie

10. Be adhered to the now.
Presence takes practice. If you want to get better at being in the Now, you have to make the decision to do whatever it takes to bring your mind back to the present every single time you become aware that you're thinking about something outside of the Now. The more you practice, the more you'll feel attached to the now. It'll be a lot harder for thoughts to drag you away from it.

Practice being anchored to the Now with meditation, silent counting, following your breath, or describing your Now situation: "Girl sitting in chair." Or "Girl typing at computer." Remove the stories--the thoughts of past and future--and focus on the gifts unfolding before your eyes. It takes guts to be here, enjoying the present, but the rewards are limitless!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • novaa

    This is a great Tuesday Tips! Next paycheck and I’m buying the book! Great idea to get it printed!!! Bah everything is working out!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks my precious!!! Thanks for the positive feedback! You’re rocking my world right now <3 <3 <3

  • Logan Benedict

    Hi Jessica! I just stumbled along this fabulous blog via a post you wrote last year in January based on “shining.” I run a small black and white art & writing zine called “The Collar Tones” and it’s sooo coincidental because our new issue is titled STAR SHOWERS and focuses on how to shine like a star personality and philosophy wise. I was just wondering if you would be willing to contribute that blog post to be published in the new issue. I’ve been trying to write exactly what you just so happened to write. I was so confused as to how to express shining and everything and there’s your post, just what I was trying to get it!! If you’d be interested, please contact me. You seem like a fabulously magical human being. Thanks dollface!! :)

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