We Have a Book!

Doing Thinking Feeling Beingcover

We Have a Book!

Doing Thinking Feeling Being cover

Written by me and designed by Kelly Cree, Doing Thinking Feeling Being is a book of tips on feeling good. Curated from my weekly Tuesday Tips feature, the book is divided into categories to provide concise conscious creation advice at your fingertips.

Doing Thinking Feeling Being inside

The book is available as a printed paperback or digital PDF download. Open the book at random to receive a little life design lift perfectly matched to your needs. Or read it cover to cover and completely refresh your enthusiasm for life.

Doing Thinking Feeling Being packaged

Order the 272 page, $15 printed book from Lulu.com here

Doing Thinking Feeling Being colophon

Download the 261 page ebook for $12 here.

Treat yourself to a gift that will raise your vibration and remind you of what you already know. Doing Thinking Feeling Being will give you over 200 ways to help you feel better, and inspire you to come up with your own.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • naomi

    You are such a beautiful human being. Congratulations on the book!
    I “nominated” you and your lovely blog for a Liebster Award. Thanks for putting so much love out there!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you SO MUCH Naomi!! I am so flattered by your nomination! Thanks for the note of encouragement sweets :D

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