60 Reasons I Feel So Abundant Tonight

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60 Reasons I Feel So Abundant Tonight




  1. We have wine!
  2. We're cooking instead of going out to eat!
  3. We finally got stamps!
  4. We have TATER TOTS in the oven!
  5. We know when to take a break from the gym--like today!
  6. WE GOT UP AT 9AM!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pwny is in a great mood!
  8. We took photos of our work and submitted it for a show!
  9. We submitted our book to be sold at a store in Austin!
  10. My iPhone has a great camera!
  11. We are practicing SO MUCH RESTRAINT!
  12. We are sticking to our budget!
  13. Kelly is a master of grilling
  14. I made a mind map for my life design workshop!
  16. We have a great life
  17. We're listening to the Pitbull station
  18. We have cheese!
  19. We are allowing ourselves to cook... GROUND BEEF! Instead of eating fast food! Baby steps!
  20. The only junk food we've bought since last Tuesday is 1 box of wine, 1 pound of ground beef, and 1 box of swiss rolls :P
  21. Meditating twice a day has been AMAZING
  22. I feel great in my body!
  23. Kelly finally printed out some paperwork that she needed to!
  24. We have money for groceries!
  25. Biking to the grocery store is easy and fun!
  26. We got free vitamin d!
  27. We had a blissful 7pm ride!
  28. I reactivated my Car2Go account!
  29. We went to Kinkos!
  31. Kelly cooked!
  32. She is looking so fine!
  33. I did all my list!
  34. We had a perfect day!
  35. We went to the store at the perfect time
  36. I counted to 6800!
  37. We invited our friends to eat with us
  38. We're making great choices!
  39. Pwny got to go outside today!
  40. I changed the sheets!
  41. I started the laundry!
  42. I scooped!
  43. I hung up laundry!
  44. I hooped!
  45. We have AC!
  46. I have been getting better at feeling my inner body!
  47. We had the perfect amount of pickles left!
  48. I took pictures of us today!
  49. We're eating dinner at the table, doing a list!
  50. We're learning how to edit/write out parts of our life stories
  51. We're good at patterns
  52. We're good at starting new, good habits
  53. We're going to sllooooowly cut out caffeine
  54. Our bills are paid!
  55. Our rent is paid!
  56. I found my fav quote of the day - Danielle Laporte's "Believe that self expression is a form of service."
  57. Nicki is on the radio!
  58. We get to go bed early!
  59. We're in perfect health.
  60. Kelly and I love each other so much.
Jessica Mullen
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