60 Reasons I Am So Abundant Tonight

60 Reasons I Am So Abundant Tonight


  1. I made pizza from scratch!
  2. We have hot sauce and ranch!
  3. We had a status meeting that was super helpful in focusing our business vision.
  4. I'm charging my USB lights which need charged after a long 19 mile ride last night.
  5. I've been sticking to my list of 13 things! I love having a list of ways to be my reason for feeling good!
  6. We have so much food prepared for the week!
  7. I love our meal board!
  8. I'm excited about our business. I'm excited about my work!
  9. I am choosing to focus my attention, right now.
  10. I am getting better at focusing.
  11. I am reading an awesome book, The Power of Your Other Hand.
  12. Linty just jumped up here to hang out with me.
  13. We've been recording podcast videos!
  14. I'm creating a Life Design workshop!
  15. I am focused on the Now.
  16. I just had the best weekend of my life. I feel so put together.
  17. I am believing in myself and my work more and more every day!
  18. We biked to the gym today and it was so sunny and nice out.
  19. We ran three miles straight through again! IT FELT SO GOOD!!
  20. I counted to 12,200 today! High Score!
  21. I believe something great is about to happen!
  22. I've been getting great reflections about my work! Compliments on my tarot readings, my meditations and Flickr photos!
  23. I am seeing my work through new eyes.
  24. I'm doing the work. I'm being the work.
  25. I feel so strong.
  26. My breath has been flowing so nice.
  27. By an odd stroke of luck, I am listening to Guns n Roses, and liking it.
  28. I love feeling fit!
  29. I love feeling focused on a Sunday night!
  30. I love feeling ready for my week!
  31. I love being in control of my attention and my mood.
  32. Pwny looks so cute on a blanket.
  33. I am loving hooping more and more every day! It's helping my balance!
  34. I'm ready another exciting book, Wealth Warrior by Steve Chandler.
  35. I am my reason for feeling good right now!
  36. I am in perfect health.
  37. Kelly found a dime!
  38. We are getting much better at budgeting. We are good with money!
  39. I did my ritual today and it was so fun.
  40. EFT is really helping me.
  41. I am deciding to do the work instead of drugs.
  42. I am consciously designing my life, right now.
  43. I am present.
  44. I am rested, energized and strong.
  45. I was excited to get out of bed this morning.
  46. I am getting better at riding the flow.
  47. I'm a star!
  48. I am becoming more fun every day!
  49. I am waking up more every day.
  50. I am becoming more confident every day.
  51. I am so tan.
  52. I am now thoroughly feeling a Pitbull song titled "Feel This Moment".
  53. Linty is in my lap.
  54. I'm feeling this moment.
  55. I texted with Jenny today!!
  56. Kelly made the best fruit salad today!
  57. Hot shower.
  58. Didn't spend a dime today ^_^
  59. The bills and rent are paid!
  60. I'm going to make a new Lulu worksheet workbook!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    i am curious about your meal board! and i’ve started doing this list in my notebook pretty much daily, whee! thanks for the inspiration :)

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Katja! Here is a link to the meal planning situation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiErsKsBv1uZdFJlMHZpZVZ3YUc0ZFdHRUFGOXNKR0E&usp=sharing

    I’m so glad you’re feeling the list too! It’s been so helpful for me to do at night. As I was falling asleep, I kept thinking of things to add. How nice! <3

  • Katja

    ooh, i love that! so healthy and organised (two things that give me hard-ons)! thanks for sharing :)

    it’s the best feeling in the world when you start thinking of things you love and are grateful for and can’t stop!

  • jessica mullen

    Yeah!!!!!! We’ve been sticking to our meals, it’s been so nice!

    Thanks for the comment love, you’re the best <3

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