60 Examples of Abundance in My Life Tonight

60 Examples of Abundance in My Life Tonight


  1. Someone found one of my CC-licensed photos being used in a learn-Mandarin app!!
  2. Rice & broccoli & gravy leftovers yum
  3. I cooked! I made a kale smoothie and our dinner.
  4. Saw a quarter on the road on our bike ride.
  5. Kelly is designing a beautiful budget for us.
  6. Google docs is free.
  7. We went grocery shopping and got beautiful produce: grapes, apples, sweet potatoes, strawberries and mangoes.
  8. They had milk and chocolate chip cookie samples!
  9. They had wine samples of which I did not partake.
  10. We had a status meeting and dealt with our income and budget spreadsheets for the month.
  11. I paid three credit card bills!
  12. We researched debt and paths out!
  13. We had money for groceries!
  14. Cherry Coke Zero, wooooo
  15. Rode our bikes downtown to the library and they had the book I wanted and I got my card renewed and found out my account password!
  16. I counted to 6300 so far.
  17. I'm excited about living my life like a movie.
  18. We have excellent A/C.
  19. We bought new hot sauce!
  20. And powdered sugar and vanilla so we can make a cake for our friend's birthday!
  21. We meditated.
  22. We rode our bikes at the hottest part of the day and it was easy.
  23. We live so close to downtown and the store!
  24. I fixed a strap on my saddle bag before it fell off!
  25. I recorded an awesome meditation that helped me a lot.
  26. Kelly got a cool color theory book.
  27. I got a neat channeling book.
  28. Our kitties are happy and healthy.
  29. Kelly and I are happy and healthy.
  30. I love my life.
  31. I'm having fun.
  32. I have glitter on my shoulder.
  33. I added some drama and flair to my ritual and I just LOVE doing it.
  34. We ran our errands right away today and it helped pick up momentum for the day.
  35. We got invited out tonight!
  36. But we are working on our work!
  37. Tracy posted a Gathering Momentum worksheet she did on FB!!!
  38. Kelly is pouring me more coke!
  39. We did a load of laundry!
  40. I'm sober!
  41. We have ingredients for kale smoothies and breakfast tacos for tomorrow ^_^
  42. Kelly found us some new music today.
  43. I'm sore from all the classes and biking!
  44. The hills in our neighborhood are getting much easier to bike.
  45. Kelly and I talked about branding for SoLD!
  46. There are plans for chocolate cake and magick pellet making tonight.
  47. I woke up FULLY rested.
  48. We are getting SO MUCH better at budgeting. We're becoming good with money!
  49. I feel focused and excited about my work.
  50. I have an article I want to write tonight!
  51. Our TPP FB page got a new cover photo today.
  52. I did my pullups and it was a TINY bit easier today.
  53. The librarian I talked to was so nice to me.
  54. I love my work.
  55. I love doing my 13 things every day.
  56. Espresso and breakfast tacos to fuel our bike ride.
  57. I scooped, woohoo.
  58. I dealt with all my emails.
  59. I am excited to be focused and in control of my attention.
  60. I'm getting better at this every day!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • novaa

    That is the most fucking precious picture of you everrrrrrrrrrr

  • jessica mullen

    Hehehehe 2010 flashback! Thanks Novaa ^_^

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