Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Be Your Reason for Feeling Good

Art by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Be Your Reason for…

Art by Kelly Cree

I like to be my reason for feeling good. I like making choices that help me like who I am, instead of decisions that make me wake up hating myself.

After thorough experimentation with both ends of the behavioral spectrum, I have found 13 things that contribute quite nicely to my health, well being and positive self image.

Let's not get radical—I'm not saying I do all of these things every day. But when I don't know what else to do with myself, and I'm starting to eye that box of wine in the fridge, I'd like to refer back to this list and do what I know is good for me rather than what is easiest. Cheers!


1. Leave the house.
This is my number one rule. Being self-employed means I don't EVER have to leave if I don't want to. But talk about stale energy! Even if it's just walking to check the mail, I MUST get fresh air every day.

2. Videotape yourself.
Put yourself on the spot(light). Sometimes the only way to get a good look at who you really are is by watching yourself. I record video meditations four days a week and make video podcasts with Kelly a few times a month. Watching myself on video gives me fresh perspective and even helps me like myself more. I'm cute!

3. Exercise.
It can be two solid hours of group exercise classes, or it can be a 1 mile walk in the neighborhood. I don't care how intense the workout is, all that matters is that I get my blood flowing to clean out the old energy and let the new in. Anything that makes you breathe more deeply will clean out toxins and rejuvenate you.

4. Do some sort of strength training.
I'm trying to get myself to practice doing pullups every day. It's just SO COOL to see yourself get stronger, one tiny movement at a time. When you see the physical effects of your practice, it helps your mind believe that non-physical practices yield results too, like writing a little bit every day or meditating every day.


5. Write 1000 words about what's working in your life.
I love doing this (here's yesterday's entry) and it makes me feel good every single time. I start with, "I'm so grateful..." Then I usually do a little, "I love it when..." and finish up with some intentions, a few "Wouldn't it be nice?" lines or a letter from my higher self. It's an incredible feeling to manually get my mind thinking positively.

6. Write an article.
What's ONE thing that you feel strongly about today? What's one lesson you've learned this week? Taking the time to synthesize your life experience into a teaching moment helps you appreciate the ups and downs. Bad experiences just mean you get to make good art!

7. Do one of my positive thinking worksheets!
They're fun, and they work! My current fav is called Make My Day, which has all my most-effective prompts. Daily Self Love is a free worksheet that helps you focus on liking yourself more, which leads to fantastic results. You can check out all our worksheets at the School of Life Design store.


8. Perform a ritual.
A few weeks ago I started conducting a magickal ritual complete with altar and candle. It is SO FUN. It helps me practice feeling the way I want to feel—like a powerful, deliberate creator of reality.

9. Play.
I try to pick up my hula hoop or my Astrojax at least once a day. Playing with a flow toy helps me literally feel the flow, which then leaks over into other areas of my life. By the end of a hooping session, I'm smiling, my heart rate is up, I feel playful and I've usually collected a few new epiphanies.

10. Make art.
Art is god smiling at us! Everyone can make art. Just clear your mind and let your hands do the work. Creating for no reason gets your mind into the flow, and opens you up to solutions you would never otherwise see. Plus, you're making ART! You're an artist! You're amazing!

11. At the end of the day, make a list of reasons you feel abundant.
It's a lot easier to wake up feeling good when you go to sleep feeling good. Take some time to review your day and note all the little things that make you feel wealthy, rich, and abundant. Running water, a cup of coffee, a good meal, a great conversation, a gift from a friend, a good deed you performed—noticing all those good things keeps the good things flowing in. Here's a list I made recently, and it shot my mood through the roof!


12. Meditate.
Kel and I sit for 15 minutes before leaving the house. During this time I usually count silently in my head. It calms me, and—this is no lie—always guarantees that I have perfect timing.

13. Meditate again.
Slowly but surely, we're adding another 15 minutes of meditation into our evenings. I tend to get reeeal thirsty for a drink at night, but I know what I really want is to quiet my mind. Meditating a second time is like hitting the reset button, giving me a second wind without having to get drunk.

What makes you feel good about yourself?

What would you include on your list of positive habits? What helps you stay centered and focused? What helps you feel confident and carefree? What kinds of activities make you forget you ever wanted that drink, or that text, or that sandwich? Let us know in the School of Life Design Facebook group!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Elisa

    Wonderful tips! I can relate to most of them! I am not working at the moment and getting out of the house even if it’s just to take a walk is VITAL! I agree with the physical exercise as well: even if it’s dancing around the house or focusing in your breath for 10 minutes, I need to connect to my body somehow everyday. I will definitely start with being thankful and filling up some lists: sounds like fun!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Elisa! “Connecting to my body” is a great way to put it. Life is better when the mind and body work together instead of against each other. <3

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