60 Reasons Why I Am So Abundant Tonight

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60 Reasons Why I Am So Abundant Tonight


  1. Our friend drove us to the store to get heavy groceries we can't put on our bikes.
  2. Then she bought us name-brand tampons and Nutella!
  3. Our other friend picked us up to chill at his place.
  4. We had macaroni and cheese to eat!
  5. We had a kale smoothie! I feel healthy!
  6. We got to go to the gym and I ran/walked 2.5 miles, and we biked 3 miles to get to & from the gym! Heaaaalthy.
  7. We got to buy the 12 pack of toilet paper!
  8. We got to get cat litter & cat food!
  9. I got to give my kitties a tuna treat!
  10. I get to listen to Pandora One, with Rihanna and Bauhaus and Nicki Minaj!
  11. We have money for groceries and bills and rent!
  12. I found two pennies on our bike ride home from the gym.
  13. We had an awesome snack of orange juice, apple slices & frozen blueberries.
  14. I got to fill out a Walmart survey to enter a gift card sweepstakes!
  15. I balanced our budget & added to the income spreadsheet!
  16. Our friend emailed me pictures of our Doing Thinking Feeling Being book IN PRINT!
  17. My kitties are happy! Pwny scampered it all over the place.
  18. I have cute new lighters.
  19. I have a strong healthy body that can run even when hungover!
  20. I got massaged ALL NIGHT last night
  21. Our friends showed interest both in our current crush & our grocery shopping habits :D
  22. Oil. Oil. Oil.
  23. I have a hard drive that I'm backing up my computer with right now.
  24. I have two article ideas to write about this week!
  25. I counted to 10,400 yesterday & 2,300 today! WOOHOO!
  26. I have a gym membership & I get to go to THE BEST group fitness classes tomorrow!
  27. We got to buy a shitload of eggs, which rules because we can't carry them on bicycle.
  28. Kelly did the laundry! We have a washing machine!
  29. We have bleach to wash our gym towels with!
  30. I let myself splurge on tortillas & garlic powder :D
  31. Our fridge is STOCKED.
  32. Last night we hung out with our neighbors, who are all so cool and fun! And I got to go nightswimming! And laugh and laugh and laugh!
  33. Pwny is in the bed BEING CUTE.
  34. We sent a thank you card! I LOVE DOING THAT! MORE PLEASE!
  35. Our amazing friend let us borrow her prismacolors!!
  37. We have good tv to watch!
  38. Pwny didn't shit on the floor today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. We're sticking to our budget.
  40. We meditated and it was so fun.
  41. I gave a tarot reading last night! I love finding things I can give!
  42. I am in a great mood and I am excited about the week ahead!
  43. We have Raisinettes and Flamin Hot CHEETOS.
  44. I made bomb-ass pizza from scratch last night. I AM SUCH A GREAT CHEF.
  45. We got to buy butter and frozen blueberries and apples and kale and black beans and a 2 liter of Cherry Coke Zero!
  46. I have a wonderful, minimal, clean apartment in a GORGEOUS city with the love of my life!
  47. My friends are hilarious and adventurous and great story tellers and I AM SO BLESSED TO BE SO LOVED.
  48. Our friend is getting into positive psychology!!
  49. I receive compliments on my daily meditations every day!
  50. I am choosing to feel abundant and therefore I am abundant!
  51. We have plans to go to the beach soon!
  52. Not having a car has taught me SO MUCH about letting go of my need to control.
  53. Kelly and I are implementing a bedtime and wake up time this week! YES YES YES! Up at 11am, bed by 3am ^_^
  55. We have a corkboard full of names of people who support our work.
  56. We saw a beautiful Maserati today! Kel and I circled it like vultures ogling it and I just appreciated it SO MUCH.
  57. I am really, really, really blessed to have such great friends, near and far.
  58. We have teachers at the gym we really like!
  59. Resin.
  60. I am 100% time affluent AND FREE!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    it’s amazing how much there is to be grateful for, all the stuff we have! this makes me want to write my own list, too.

  • jessica mullen

    Yay I would love to read your list Katja!

  • Mia

    Oh this is so inspiring!! I’m so happy you linked to it :)

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Mia! It makes me feel so good to read it :]

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