You Spot It, You Got It

You Spot It, You Got It

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Grateful to be here. Grateful it's working. Grateful for Pwny. Grateful to be taking the time. Grateful slow down and be here.

Grateful to be alive. Grateful for music.

Grateful for this life. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful to trust the flow. Grateful to know it's working.

Grateful writing always works. Grateful to be on this adventure. Grateful to be here. Grateful to be here. Grateful to believe in myself.

Grateful it's working! Grateful the contrast makes me focus. Grateful to be alive. Grateful to be living that life.

Grateful for a new magickal mantra from the highest heavens of Gretchen Rubin's blog! "YOU SPOT IT, YOU GOT IT." THAT is THE most explicit instruction on life I have ever heard!

I spot:
My arms are strong. My tattoos are beautiful stories. This music is perfect for this moment. That yellow pencil is the perfect yellow. The orange is so vibrant.

The Wacom is so useful for a creative outlet. I love drawing with it. It changed my computer art game.

That water is so cool and delicious. It's so still. It's so blank.

This computer is such a hard worker. So diligent. So sturdy. So good at it's job.

Pwny is so cute. Her ears stick up perfectly like fair food turned into stuffed animals.

That power outlet is so powerful.

The a/c is so refreshing. This Nicki Minaj is so fun. That gum wrapper is so Lisa Frank pop arty. Those Astrojax look like they get played with. They're friendly. They're always DTF.

Those sunglasses are so cool and funny looking, straight down at the table. That moon is so happy the sunglasses are on him.

That worksheet is such a cool vibrational readout. There are some awesome words written on there like: 1 shopping cart $19. VIP. GAS. Sober. Up before 12. Unicycle.

That laugh sticker works. That ruler is so useful. That blue marker has been coming through in a pinch. When the ruler gets blue marker all over it it makes me laugh when it ends up all over my hands. I love having art supplies on my hands.

I love how shiny the faucet is. I love how bright the bathroom lightbulbs are. I love the shape of the leaves on my lamp, they remind me of all the best things in my mom.

I love that Kelly wrote the newsletter like a boss. Kelly is so calm. She is so nice to me. She gives the best foot rubs. She cooks awesome meals. She takes such good care of me. She is so pretty. She has such great hair and nails. She is so funny. She has the prettiest green slash hazel eyes. She is so brave. She is so smart. She is such a great designer.

That counter is so sturdy. So stable. My purse is so versatile! It is also so rugged! It stands up to a lot!

That atheist bag in German that my sister gave me is so badass. It has been a fantastic gym bag.

My hula hoops are so circusy and pretty hanging on the wall. They are so patient. They hold fun within them whether you're in them or not. They just waved to me!

I love the buttons on the thermometer. I love that the thermostat is the brand Honeywell because one time I went to the Peoria casino boat with Amy and she and I got drunk and messed around on the nickel slots and made friends with an old man wearing a Honeywell baseball cap. We called him Honeywell and then Amy put a half-eaten banana in a vending machine. She was wild. She spilled beer all over the hotel bible.

I love that I feel good in my body. I love that my body is my friend. I love that I am waking up more every day.

I remember that it's a dream. I remember my power. I am at ease.

It's a dream. I can do this.
It's just a dream.
Wake up it's just a dream.

Nicki Minaj I love you. I LOVE YOU NICKI MINAJ.

I love that Nicki is so brave. I love how she knows that she can do whatever she sets her mind to and she's actually following through. I love how she's so smokin hot. I love her stage presence. I love her attitude. I love her sense of humor. I LOVE HER.

It's just a dream. You spot it, you got it.

It's just a dream. That's the control. You spot it, you got it.
You spot it, you got it.
You spot it, you got it.

I spot:
A loving wife who is SO NICE TO ME! She is a miracle! She takes such good care of me! She is so dedicated to our work! She is so smart!

Fun kitties drinking water. Gosh they're cute. Just drinkin water from a human glass like you do.

Pwny's eyes look like miracle rainbows. Linty looks so deliberate. She's a lioness.

It's just a dream. I'm in the Now.

I can do this. I'm supposed to be having fun right now!
So this is what it has come down to.
I'm aware of my inner body.

Pulsing from my toes. Life. Pulsing from my heels. Life. Life pulsing from the tops of my feet.

Life pulsing through my ankles. Calves. Behind the knee. Knee. Thighs. Butt. Waist. Chest. Shoulders. Arms. Hands. Neck. Face. Head.

I love it when I go to bed feeling good. I love it when I do the work all night. I love it when it gets easier. I love it when I distract myself into feeling good. I love it when we find new music. I love it when we have a great day.

I love it when we run. I love it when it works out. I love it when I cast a spell and it works. I love it when I feel my magick. I love it when I feel like Christmas Eve!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.