Major gratitude rampage!

Major gratitude rampage!

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Grateful to be here. Grateful to be writing. Grateful it's working. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful I know it's working. Grateful to be euphoric. Grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. Grateful to be in love with myself. Grateful to be in a good mood. Grateful to feel good in my body. Grateful for people buying our books!

Grateful to feel focused. Grateful to feel like it's working! Grateful for sales! Grateful to have a thriving business! Grateful for the fact that we have an ENTIRELY PASSIVE INCOME!

Grateful to hear things like "your ideas should take over the world!" Grateful to feel good! Grateful to feel focused on what I want! Grateful to feel so good! Grateful to be excited! Grateful to feel playful! Grateful to feel light! Grateful it really does work!!

Grateful for writing! Grateful we got to work out! Grateful to be focused on doing my work! Grateful to know everything is a solution!

Grateful for gas money! Grateful for visions! Grateful to feel GOOD! Grateful to have another chance! Grateful to be keeping the flow up! Grateful to know it's working!

Grateful for all the positive reflections I've found! Grateful to be sober! Grateful to feel GOOD IN MY BODY! Grateful to feel strong! Grateful for the people who made me strong! Grateful for the gifts I've received today!

Grateful for my mom and texts from my dad and gifts from costco and word of mouth spreading our work! Grateful for awesome workouts and uplifting teachers and bicycles and Austin and good weather and good music and good food and good jokes!

Grateful to feel so in love with my life! Grateful to know PRACTICING THE FEELING ALWAYS WORKS! Grateful writing is always so invigorating!

Grateful imagining the best case scenario always works!

Grateful to be in this now! Grateful for bottoms up radio! Grateful for counting! Grateful for my fitness pal! Grateful to feel so good! Grateful we PUBLISHED A NEW WORKSHEET and it is so awesome and selling so well!!!!!!!!!

Grateful to love my work. Grateful to love my sites. Grateful to feel good about reality! Grateful to feel focused on the things I want! Grateful to feel good! Grateful to feel the way I intended to feel!!!

Grateful for new dreams! Grateful for fresh visions! Grateful to feel so excited about life!

I love it when life makes sense. I love it when I turn the boat about contrast!!! I love it when we sell worksheets and books and meditations! I love it when people help spread our work! I love it when I sound like a real person! I love it when I feel like tweeting!

I love it when I feel good! I love it when I go to bed feeling good! I love it when I remember how to be my reason for feeling good and then I FUCKING START PWNING LIFE! I love it how doing this work works!

I love it how I decided exactly how I wanted to design my life, and now it's playing out the way I intended!!


I love it when Kelly and I have fun and laugh and play together all day. I love how we always have fun no matter what!!

Dear Jessica,
Relax. Take a deep breath. Smile. You are doing your best work. You are doing amazing things. You are changing the world. Your vision is working! Your vision is materializing! You are WINNING!

Great job keeping up the good work. Great job keeping your vibration high. You are in control of your mood! You are doing it! You are choosing to feel good no matter what! YOU ARE YOUR REASON FOR FEELING GOOD! Way to go! Everyone is so proud of you!

Your ideas are taking over the world! You are constructing an empire of love and magick! Your ideas are spreading! Your smile is lighting up the world! It really is working!!

Just relax and allow it to keep coming. Keep smiling, keep making jokes, keep laughing! You are a joy to watch! You are magickal! You are pulling it together! You are living the life of your dreams that YOU CREATED!

Keep going, keep feeling this feeling! You've got this! Your income is entirely passive! You feel good in your body! You are your reason for feeling good!

Just relax and keep trusting the flow. You are doing your best work. Keep smiling, keep playing, keep surfing those waves!!

You are doing your best work and it's showing! You are rising to the top! You are doing exactly what you knew you wanted to do. You are WALKING THE LINE AND you are making it to the other side! Your leap of faith worked! Your trust in life paid off!

It really is working! You are in control of this! This is your show! You are doing it! Life is so proud of you! Life is so excited to be living you! You are thriving! You have chosen to thrive! With your creativity, intelligence, and good attitude you have created a dream come true!!

Way to be the DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE!! Way to let it actually work! Way to set an example! Way to be the SHIT! You are doing so great. Your work is taking off. It's spreading! Every single time you log into gmail, facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever!, you are getting AMAZING feedback! You are winning! You are spreading your wings! You are flying! You are in the flow! Trust it! You are a magician witch brilliant artist designer of delicious, fun, exciting LIFE!

You are living the dream! You are winning! You are doing it! You are paying attention! You are present! YOU FUCKING GET IT! CONGRATULATIONS ON WALKING THE WALK!

You are so loved. You are so loved by your SELF! What a major accomplishment! Your positive attention on yourself is being reflected to you all over the world! You are taking over the world!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.