Make My Day: the $2 Ultimate Positive Thinking Tool

Make My Day

Make My Day: the $2 Ultimate Positive Thinking Tool

Make My Day

While meditating on June 14, I asked for a good idea. During the session I heard "$5 Ultimate Positive Thinking Tool". When I pictured it I saw a ring with many sides that all meant something different—a wearable reminder to be in the present.

I chilled on the idea because I had no idea to execute it. On June 26, I did a "best case scenarios" exercise where I listed my visions for tomorrow, next week, next month, 6 months from now, 1 year from now, and 5 years from now. I stated that by August 2013 I wanted to have the $5 Ultimate Positive Thinking Tool created.

Recently, Kelly and I have been filling out our worksheets and posting them to the School of Life Design blog. Doing my own worksheets months and sometimes years after I've created them helps me see how I can improve them, and which prompts really work the best.

I realized that I desperately needed to make a new worksheet—one that included all the best prompts from previous worksheets. Being the designer of my life means deliberately choosing the emotions I feel and the thoughts I think, and it's something I have to do every single day. I love coming up with ways to "create my reality" and I ADORE daily-planner-esque tools that give me a structure to play with every day.

Hence, the Make My Day worksheet was born. Intended to be filled out on the daily to help me consciously create each day, this worksheet really is the most "ultimate" positive thinking tool I can imagine.

It's not exactly a ring on your finger, but fill it out each day and you'll be more present no matter what you're wearing. (Also, I liked it so I put a ring on it--the flower of life rings! Ah. Ha. Ha.)

Make My Day

Make My Day

How the Magick Works

First of all, Kelly designed this beauty to be the most colorful and fun worksheet to date. She is a typography genius! Second, each section is designed to help you focus on the most important aspects of conscious creation.

  1. How do you want to feel about your body, finances, relationships, health, work, life and thoughts?
  2. Who do you want to be? What do you want to have?
  3. What do you want to touch, see, taste, hear, smell, think, and know?
  4. Can you count to 100 without thinking? Stop your thoughts and you'll return to your natural state of feeling good instantly.
  5. What are you grateful for? What do you love about yourself?
  6. What act of kindness have you imagined, witnessed or performed today?
  7. What's making you laugh?
  8. You love it when...
  9. What are a couple favors you could do for yourself?
  10. What was the best part of your day?
  11. What's the best case scenario for today, tomorrow, next year?

Each of these prompts have been specifically chosen to generate feelings of love, abundance, generosity, joy, excitement and peace. Each section will help you clarify what you want and what you already have that you'd like more of.

My Recipe

Make My Day filled out

Make My Day is a 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet designed by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen. When you purchase this digital download, you will receive two e-mails from Paypal. The first is your confirmation email; the second will arrive shortly after and contains your product download link. Happy conscious creating!

Make My Day

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