Tuesday Tips: 15 Practices to Up Your Personal Power

Tuesday Tips: 15 Practices to Up Your Personal Power

Power up!

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Featuring wisdom from legendary awareness realizers Minaj, Tolle, Wilber, McDowell, the omniscient Facebook page 11:11 Awakening Code, Rubin and more, this week's Tips will build your confidence as life designer and give you some new tricks to practice this week.


1. Whatever you're doing, DON'T GIVE UP.
To paraphrase the great Nicki Minaj, ♫ "Right now. Masquerade. Master the merry go round. It's something you create. It's never ever too late. Right now. It's ok to make a mistake. Baby, this is your day. It's time to masquerade." ♫

2. Flaunt your flaws.
Recommended by Elise McDowell, who advises, "Turn what you can't stand into your greatest asset."

3. Take the first wave out when you get up in the morning.
Get those negative thoughts out right away, just like that morning breath. Surf some good feelings instantly by counting in your head, or write down some things you're grateful for, or pop in a mantra.


4. Read Doing Thinking Feeling Being.
The book version of Tuesday Tips, I've been flipping it open every time I need a mood boost. Right before I wrote this, I opened to "Practice feeling like you're the shit." I mean, am I right?! You ARE the shit!

5. Make peace with your reality.
In the Power of Now, Eckart Tolle suggests, "Accept—then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life."

Here's some extra Tolle-juice to help you make peace: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment."

6. Let yourself be human.
"Pay special attention to anything you try to hide." ~ Gretchen Rubin

7. Ask yourself, "What's funny?"
Bring more joy into your life by looking for things to laugh about. We even have a shiny new worksheet inspired by James Altucher to aid you in the process.

8. Imagine you already have what you want.
Say I have the desire to be skinny and wealthy. I decide to practice feeling like I already am. So now I'm already skinny and wealthy, now what? What would you do differently if you already had what you wanted? You wouldn't be worried. You might say yes more. You would feel prepared. Thus you would probably be a little more excited about this adventure we call life. SKIP THE MIDDLEMAN OF MANIFESTATION! Feel the way you want to feel NOW! Be it, see it.


9. Pay attention to how you're feeling at this instant.
Good ol' 11:11 Awakening Code reminds us, "What you feel now IS what you're going to attract!"

10. Use your breath to practice feeling abundant.
Just slow down and feel grateful for each breath. Say to yourself, "Thank you for this breath in. Thank you for this breath out."

11. Conquer your fear in 30 seconds.
Brian Johnson has an awesome video of his technique. The synopsis: infinite possibility lies beyond your fears, which keep you in your comfort zone. Whatever you're afraid of, start getting excited about it instead. Instead of expecting the worst, imagine the best case scenario (speaking of, check out our Best Case Scenarios worksheet!).


12. Realize your awareness.
I'm just going to post this entire quote because it completely blew my mind.

You can practice mindfulness, because there is forgetfulness...
But you cannot practice awareness, because there is only awareness, you pay attention to the present moment. You try to "be here now." But pure awareness is the present state of awareness before you try to do anything about it. Trying to "be here now" requires a future moment in which you will then be mindful; but pure awareness is this moment before you try anything. You are already aware; you are already enlightened...

It's like peering into the window of a department store and seeing a vague figure staring back at you. You let the figure come into focus, and with a shock realize that it's your own reflection in the window. The entire world, according to these traditions, is nothing but a reflection of your own Self, reflected in the mirror of your own awareness. See? You are already looking right at it. ~ Ken Wilber

13. Stop trying to make yourself better and know you are perfect the way you are.
"You were never greater than you are right now, nor will you ever be. Your worth is already complete and never changes, only your relationship to it evolves." ~ Michael Tamura

14. Focus in the present moment.
"Once you have learned to focus your attention in the present moment, you can begin to refer to your intuitive faculties for direction. These intuitive sources are your direct link with the totality of your being." ~ Ken Carey (P.S. There's a whole chapter devoted to techniques for being present in Doing Thinking Feeling Being.)

15. Be a witch in every moment.
In every situation, be the magickal being you are. When I picture that I imagine myself staring someone in the eye while silently counting in my head. Then something synchronous happens and I get to laugh. Be still and watch the magick unfold!

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