Jessica Mullen’s Guide to Being a Witch

The key

Jessica Mullen’s Guide to Being a Witch

The key

Everyone always asks me, "How did you get so powerful? How do you stay positive? How did you start living the magick life?"

I started my journey into the occult around age 12 when I checked out a book from the library on ESP. "That's me!" I thought. It explained so much--my weird powers, my emotional sensitivity, my ability to know things.

Throughout my teenage years I ventured into Wicca, satanism and ceremonial magick. I learned how to meditate and cast spells. I suppose I got a little afraid of my power, because the decade after high school became one long bender of sex, drugs, bulimia, alcohol, and self-mutilation. Knowing my divine nature yet unable to navigate "real life", I dulled my shine with negativity and self-destruction.

Cut to 2010, the year I graduated grad school, ran a marathon, and learned about the law of attraction. What I had known about myself all along was becoming mainstream enough for me to embrace the mystical and turn it into a lifestyle, an occupation, and a mission.

Finally, there were the words to explain my powers. Your thoughts create. How you feel attracts your thoughts. Your mood is your work. Whatever you believe is true. You are the creator. And I wasn't special--these words applied to everyone.

Life began making sense. I created the School of Life Design to chronicle my journey into conscious creation and share what I learned along the way.

Being a witch only means to embrace the powers already within. We all can be witches, warlocks, magicians and sorcerers. I have to make the choice every single day I get out of bed. Will I let the flow of reality smash me into the rocks at shore, or will I ride the waves of the present moment as a powerful woman, awake and in control?

The following techniques are how I make the choice every single day to be a witch instead of a victim.


It's hard to believe in my power if I can't escape the negative thoughts in my head. If I feel bad, I barely remember I have power in the first place. I use EFT to dislodge destructive thought patterns and practice unconditional self-love, boosting me up the emotional scale to belief and empowerment.


If I find myself angry or depressed, I can't even bring myself to believe in EFT. So I count in my head, as high as I can. Placing my attention on the soothing numbers helps me stop thinking altogether, which allows my mood to float back to the surface like a cork under water.

Breathe prana

If I'm feeling scared or physically exhausted, I remember that I can breathe in life force. With each breath in, I imagine a flow of bright white light entering the crown of my head and filling me with love and superpowers. With each breath out, I visualize myself releasing my resistance and negativity in the form of dark tetrahedrons through the base of my spine.


Once I feel pretty good and want to keep my vibration high, I begin repeating a mantra in my head over and over. This repetition creates a channel in the mind for similar thoughts to flow through. My favorite mantra is "I love myself the way I am." After thinking that over and over and over, I often find myself thinking thoughts that begin with "I love..." naturally. This allows me to project a vibration of love and appreciation without much effort.


What I think about, I bring about, so one of the most important aspects of witchery is disciplining the mind. Every single day of my life I deliberately choose the things I think about and publish my thought-direction practice on this site. This is the essence of spell-casting. I use quite a handful of prompts to get my juices flowing, all of which boost my mood and pre-pave my experiences.

  • I am so grateful...
  • I love it when...
  • Wouldn't it be nice...
  • I am confident...
  • I intend...
  • I know...
  • I'm creating the version I want. In the version I want, ...
  • Today I want to feel...
  • Tonight I want to dream...
  • Thank you for...
  • Today I'm excited about...
  • I appreciate...
  • I love myself because...
  • Dear Jessica, (a love letter from my higher self)
  • Today's affirmations
  • What does my About page say today?
  • I am...


Nothing is as necessary to being a functioning witch as seated meditation. For 15 minutes a day, I sit in front of a candle and clear my mind. This stillness connects me to source energy, calms my mind, and provides bursts of insight and creativity I couldn't otherwise hear through the din of constant thought.

Stay present

Staying in the present is a way to bring seated meditation into daily life. Being present is the witch's only real craft. All previous techniques are just ways of staying in the present. When we stop thinking and just experience the present moment, we know the miracle that is life. We know our divinity and power. We know that everything is ok and always will be.

When we are present, all of the things we want begin flowing to us because we aren't resisting them with negative thoughts. We are at peace, happy with what is, which results in us being a match to those things which we think would make us happy. When we feel happy for no reason, just because we are alive and present in the moment, we allow ourselves to receive the gifts life is constantly offering us.

Be mad

Acknowledging that you are a witch takes balls in our Puritan society. It is only when you stop caring about what others think that you can be free to be yourself. You may feel crazy for listening only to the voice within, but that feeling of madness is only your mind reacting in fear to your connection to god. Your mind wants to be in control, and it wants you to think that you ARE your mind. So when the mind is threatened and things can't be explained in words, you feel a bit nuts. Trust that it's a good sign. You are listening to your higher self. You are accessing infinite intelligence.

When you don't feel like doing any of the above, read Doing Thinking Feeling Being

Over the last 2 years I have compiled every morsel of conscious creation knowledge I have into a weekly digest called Tuesday Tips. Kelly and I have curated the very best tips into a single life design bible, organized by topic and easily readable on screen, phone or Kindle.

Reading Doing Thinking Feeling Being reminds me that life is magickal and that every moment is an opportunity to turn my life around. There are over 200 simple suggestions for any area of life I'm struggling with: abundance, creativity, lifestreaming, routine, releasing resistance, mantras, manifesting, appreciating contrast, self-love, practicing the feeling, relationships, health, meditation techniques and staying present.

I've collected each tip so that I don't have to re-learn painful lessons over and over again. This book keeps me awake and focused on the path I've chosen: I'm a witch!

To download your own $12 copy of Doing Thinking Feeling Being, click the button below or read more about it on the School of Life Design.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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