Why I’m so hyphy today

Why I’m so hyphy today

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Today I woke up in a great mood. This is why.

  • I saw this tweet and it changed my whole perspective on life: "up chasin'paper like its bomb pussy." I can do that! I'm great at chasing bomb pussy.
  • I've decided to be open to other ways of making money other than my websites. Some stellar ideas? Carwrap advertising, nude modeling. Aw yeah.
  • I don't care.
  • My hands are literally open to receiving.
  • I am embracing what is.

I'm still in a great mood. This is why!

  • Kelly did the laundry!
  • I wrote my best Just the Tip newsletter yet!
  • I took a hot shower!
  • I realized I live the magick life already!
  • Kelly made me a kale smoothie!
  • Kelly is making me a fried egg sammie!
  • We meditated for 30 minutes. For fun!
  • I talked to my mom and dad!
  • I'm about to start COLORING!
  • Kelly is making bread!
  • I recorded my meditation and it is awesome!
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