Be bold in every moment

Be bold in every moment

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Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. It's all working out for you. Just trust the flow. Trust where it's taking you. It's your time. You're shining. You're burning so bright. You are taking off. Everything is happening for you. FOCUS. FOCUS. You know where to go. You know how to focus.

When you go to sleep, say "I love myself" over and over.

When you wake up, say "I love myself" over and over.

Trust in this love. Trust you are doing the right thing. Trust that you're safe.

Be bold in every moment. BE BOLD IN EVERY MOMENT.
This life is yours. Time to fully wake up now. It's time. It's your time.

This life is for you. Get excited! What a FUCKING MIRACLE YOU LIVE IN! Keep your edge! STAY HUNGRY! Stay present! It's your time. You're waking up. You need to be all here. It's your time. It's time to shine.

Tomorrow you will wake up feeling the best you've ever felt. You will be clear-minded and inspired. You will feel light and free. You will feel abundant and secure. You will know. You will be put at ease.

This is your time to shine. It's all for you. It's time to ENJOY your magick life. It's time to wake up completely. Jump in the flow. Tomorrow marks an even newer beginning.

It's time for you to step into your power. It's time for you to become a resident of the now. It's time for you to practice what you practice what you preach.

It's your time. You can relax now. The struggle is over. You are here to bask. You are here to shine. But it's time to let go and let the flow take over.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.