Tuesday Tips: I’m a Witch (Page One of My Book of Spells)

Tuesday Tips: I’m a Witch (Page One of My…

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I'm a witch. I've been toying around with "positive thinking" and the law of attraction and HOW things work. I've finally convinced my logical-mind-ego that I am actually god in human form with a brain as my creative reality paintbrush.

I don't need to mess around with the HOW things work anymore. I know how it works. My mood is my work. My mood attracts my thoughts which create my reality. What I think about, I bring about. Got it. Let the physicists figure out the rest.

I'm choosing to declare myself as a witch today because it's a sexy word to describe what I do. I have magickal powers and my website is my book of spells.

It's the closest to the truth I've been able to come, so that's where I'll let it stand. I hereby devote my life to witchery. Previously I had devoted it to meditation and frivolous art, and I consider this new development to be an organic extension of that original intention. What could be more meditative and frivolous than writing an article about deciding to call myself a witch?

These weekly tips I write apply to EVERYONE. We are all god in human form with brains as reality paintbrushes. But you have to decide to embrace your power. Maybe you could be an angel, or an alien, or a princess, or Jesus reincarnated. Whatever you want! Me, I'm a witch.

These are the things I would write on my first page of my book of spells.

1. Do what brings joy to your eyes.
It's for your eyes only. You're everything. Your perspective is all that is happening right now. You are the One. You are living for you. Be at peace with what is. This is the main event.

2. Do the work to maintain your mood. Every day! You're in the pro leagues now!
Develop a daily writing ritual, during which you may wish to select from these prompts:

  • I am so grateful
  • I love it when
  • Wouldn't it be nice
  • I am confident
  • I intend
  • I know
  • In the version I want,
  • Today I want to feel
  • Tonight I want to dream
  • Thank you for
  • 11 things I'm excited about today
  • 10 things I appreciate about myself
  • Dear Jessica, (advice from my higher self)
  • Today's affirmations
  • Telling my future
  • What does your About page say today?
  • Links I love
  • I am
  • I appreciate
  • "How can I work my magick today?"

2. When your mind is idle, Just think "I love myself" over and over and over.
Your reality is yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you'll love your reality.

3. "What is it ultimately that you want? What is going to make you happy?"
Keep this with you always.

5. Love. Especially yourself. You are doing everything right.
Every day, set the intention to allow more love into your life.

5. Remember you are a channel of god.
Quieting your mind (with counting, mantras, or breath for example) will always remind you of your magick, lift your mood and give you inspiration. You can have it all.

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Whether you think of yourself as a witch or a fairy or a pirate or whatever, what would you write on the first page of your little black book? Tell me everything!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katherine

    Love this! I’m a unicorn then :D love you little magical witch!

  • jessica mullen

    Yay I love that you’re a unicorn! It’s perfect!!! I LOVE YOU!

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