I am a white man.

I am a white man.

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Let it out I looked forward to this all day
The precursor is not important
You;re so loose

ust let it through you
it's abstract
who cares
let it take you like you've offered

let me through. this is it. this is the mystery it's nothing. just listen to it. It's nothing until you make something up, it's a rabid hallucination. just chill out you can be quiet just chill out just take what you need.

Let go let it come

I love it when there are no ads on youtube videos
I love it when I can handle it
I love it when I can handle my shit
and keep my vibration together at all times
I just get out of practice
I'm here now

I'm JUST ANOTHER FUCKING PERSON. That's the hardest realization, that I'm the same and no talent will save me. Only devotion to the craft, to the now, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO IT NO MATTER WHAT.

I want restraints in a good way. I want someone to tell me "DO THIS AT THIS TIME"
And beat me if I don't
daddy complex!?!

I am writing because I feel like this is a good idea. I am writing to let the flow through. I am trying to have a point and be direct and give you a product to buy. But really I am just another person just like you trying to do this "positive thinking" shit for going on three years and while I know it works it's quite the journey...

I could have kept quiet and been a talented graphic designer with a husband. I could have given in somehow. I actually have no idea how I could have given in, there was no opportunity.

My craft is overexplaining what you feel anyway.

I want to just feel and not overexplain.
I want to be a white man.
I want to not give a fuck for real.

I want to let it come to me.
I am worthy. I am worthy. I am a white man.


Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.